Women of Grace | Diama N.

This woman has really made me think on some things throughout the last few days.  It felt as though she’d taken me further in my mom journey to create a better way of life for my family.  There were things she said in our conversation that gave me a certain “aha” moment.  I know I said, “Oh my gosh!  That’s really good!” at least a dozen times.  One of the purposes of doing this segment, “Women of Grace” is just getting to know other women.  By knowing others, we can begin to realize we are more alike than we are not.  This is a Catholic woman, but you don’t have to be Catholic or have the desire to become Catholic to see the greatness in her words.  This segment, “Women of Grace”, is about tearing down barriers that keep us women from supporting and helping one another.  Diama will encourage you to do this very thing in your own life, if you take a moment to meet her.  Women of Grace | Diama N.


Women of Grace | Lauren G.

I’ve actually wondered a few times if she sleeps.  Then I decided she must, because there are never any bags under her eyes.  How does this lady do it? From my own lessons in life, I know how people (myself included) can perceive others’ lives as being near perfect, but the reality is the individual has her own struggles and battles just the same as you or me.  For these reasons, I knew Lauren would be a great candidate for the rest of us.  We can all learn how to live a life, struggles and all, with dignity and grace.  Women of Grace | Lauren G.

Women of Grace | Jocelyn H.

If there is one thing above all else I admire in this woman it is her ability to find the perfect inspiration for every situation.  Be it a scripture verse or a handy quote, we can count on Jocelyn to find the best words to motivate us.  I say “we” and “us” because you’re about to find this out for yourself.  Read on to hear what Jocelyn has in store for you.  Her words are as genuine as they come because the words she chose to share with us today are the words she literally lives by on her walk through life.  Women of Grace | Jocelyn H.

Women of Grace | Sarah L.

I expected to learn a great deal about being a good mother and even a little about being a great human being, but I was shocked to see a marriage strengthen, more than once, where others deteriorate dramatically.  It is imperative to note this, because life and motherhood are too difficult alone.  Our society is pushing for no one to need anyone in order to have success, but I personally believe we need to begin to lean on others more often… starting at home.  Women of Grace | Sarah L.

Women of Grace | Angela O.

In this amazing interview I learned an abundance more than I expected.  I’m certain I am not done learning from this beautiful mother.  As life can be tricky and seemingly untimely, I met this woman just a month before they moved out of state.  As you read, you’ll understand why I’m intrigued by this mother of seven.  I didn’t quite expect to relate so well.    Honestly, this is the shortest introduction I’ve given, because I NEED you to read all about her! Women of Grace | Angela O.

Women of Grace | Lisa B.

I met Lisa through her business on Facebook.  She’s the head honcho over at Farmhouse on Boone.  I admired her for running a successful business and raising a family.  A family of seven, can be a major feat in itself, but then add in a business.  She then intrigued me further when I read through her blog posts and found she and her husband made their beautiful home while staying debt free!  That’s not all though, through the business her husband finally was able to leave his job to stay at home.  They’re a team, the way God most likely intended spouses to be, in all areas of their lives.  Women of Grace | Lisa B.

Women of Grace | Jen J.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who loves the many blessings God has given her.  Nothing more beautiful than a mother enjoying the struggles and doing her absolute best.  And nothing more beautiful than a husband and wife team working together.  Friends, there is nothing more beautiful than a Woman of Grace like Jen.  Women of Grace | Jen J.



Women of Grace | Maggie S.

ou’ll love Maggie’s attitude about life with boys, advocating for children with Down Syndrome, and doing the mundane work of a stay at home mom.  She’s completely relatable even if you don’t have boys, or any children with any sort of disability.  You’ll find that word “disability” doesn’t really mean much to this family, because they all know there is nothing their little Matthew can’t do given a little time.  Women of Grace | Maggie S.