Are you a Woman of Grace?

How do you even know?

In my past years I’ve asked myself so many questions regarding my worth within the world, and I eventually saw that as a problem. While is seems good to question yourself because it can make you make better decisions and ultimately become a better individual, asking myself this question was depressing. Why? Because I was looking at myself as if I didn’t have any worth.

Fast forward to today, and I know better. I know much better, because I know EVERY woman, every child, every person has an abundance of worth.

It lead me to wonder, “If I thought I didn’t have anything to offer the world, could there be others as well?” Of course, I answered that question as quickly as I asked it. For me being a stay at home mom was worthy, but it didn’t feel worthy enough. I didn’t believe it benefited anyone but me and my little family.

Why Interview the Women of Grace?

You can read a little about why I started St. Martha’s Lens in the About section, but to put it in one sentence I would say this: “I knew I could offer my knowledge on the things I love or the things I focus on, to others who were trying to better their lives as well.” It was a great start, however it was ONLY a start.

The series, “Women of Grace” is designed for my readers who don’t have a similar life than I do. It is for those who are in a different phase of life, who could be struggling with other things, and really more. So in order to reach those readers, those beautiful women, I enlisted some new Mothers.

I enlisted these women of grace to connect with other women. So everyone can see what their worth is. If you can relate to JUST ONE figure in the series than you surely can see what you have to give to the world.

Do You Know a Woman Who Should Be Interviewed?

I’d love to hear more about the women in your life who have affected your lifestyle. Who do you know that I should interview and share with our readers. At anytime, please email me at and I’ll respond accordingly. Together we can fill the internet with positive stories of overcoming the trials of motherhood and embracing the joys.

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