Dana Wehde

This business hasn’t always been around.  There was a time when I thought I’d make it in the world as a profound educator specializing in Autism Behaviors.  It never felt like work to love the kids who didn’t feel much love outside their homes.  I knew I would find my dream job in due time, but God had other plans.

I graduated my “second try” of college when I was 29 years old and pregnant with our second child.  At the start of the following school year I found myself expecting once more and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you a teacher’s pay just can’t cover daycare for three lively kiddos.  Alas, our family choice was chosen for us.

I was frightened to have three under three living so far away from any family.  I can remember the anxiety I had leading up to the arrival of that little girl, but what I found through that journey continues to rock my world today!

On my journey to becoming a mother of three, I found my true self.  I found what I was capable of and so much more.  I became a more joyous person inside and out, and I needed to share it with the world.  I’d had a few friends ask me about this or that regarding parenting and running a home, and I felt a call to start a blog.

Through St. Martha’s Lens I have been given the opportunity to share my wealth of information with women just like me… and perhaps just like you!

I don’t claim to know it all, though I do know what works for our family.  We are now a family of 5 as of June 2019.  You can find me in our amazing Bunch Bike with a bucket full of kids with helmets or in my swanky Momma-mobile with a hefty amount of car seats carting our crew to the library, the park, or perhaps the grocery stores any given day of the week.  We make our own bread, meals come from scratch (mostly), and crafting, building, and learning are happening non-stop in our tiny home on 20th Street.

Would you like to know what really warms my heart though?  Making the women around me realize they ARE enough!  No one should go through life alone because this wicked journey can be filled with doubt and uncertainty.  We are in this together and we may occasionally seek potato chips, a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and an entire bag of skittles, but we still come out on top! Read about some other amazing women in the Women of Grace series up above in the tool bar.

We are St. Martha’s Women!

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Who is St. Martha?

What’s on My Bucket List

My dreams are constantly multiplying, but I’ve somehow narrowed it down to a ten major bucket lists.  If you read many of my blog posts you’ll know I dream of homeschooling, I dream of raising wholesome human beings, I dream of a fun filled marriage, and much much more, but here’s a short list of ten things I’d like to check off my bucket list!

Dana Wehde