Dana Wehde
Dana Wehde, Founder

There was a time when I thought I’d make it in the world as a profound educator specializing in Autism Behaviors.  It never felt like work to love the kids who didn’t feel much love outside their homes.  I knew I would find my dream job in due time, but God had other plans.

I am now a mother of 5 as of June 2019. Between the oldest child and the youngest is 5 1/2 years. It sounds crazy but I love it and would have more if God chose us to do so. This journey of motherhood lead me to find my true self. It wasn’t the life society showed me was “right”, it was one designed for me and my husband. Through this journey I realized I was more capable than I had given myself credit. I became more joyous too, inside and out. While I can’t claim to know everything, I do know what works for our family, and that is precisely what I share here.

You can often find me in our amazing Bunch Bike with a bucket full of kids or in my swanky Momma-mobile with a hefty amount of car seats carting our crew to the library, the park, or perhaps the grocery stores any given day of the week.  We make our own bread, meals come from scratch (mostly), plus crafting, building, and learning are happening non-stop in our cozy home on 20th Street.

Cargo Bikes

My Bucket List

My dreams are constantly multiplying, but I’ve somehow narrowed it down to a ten major bucket lists.  If you read many of my blog posts you’ll know I dream of homeschooling, I dream of raising wholesome human beings, I dream of a fun filled marriage, and much much more, but here’s a short list of ten things I’d like to check off my bucket list!