How to be Super Mom

I’m just an average person, but lately I’ve been called Super Mom more times than I can count. I’ll admit it’s nice, but it’s mostly embarrassing. I am only doing what so many others would do in my situation. There’s nothing special to it. Maybe you’d like to know “How to be Super Mom” have…

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Homemade Granola Recipe

The simplest and most forgiving recipe for granola you’ll ever make. This homemade granola recipe will offer you health and great taste for your morning routine or your snack cravings throughout the day. The hardest part about making this recipe is not eating it all in one sitting. Homemade Granola Recipe Ingredients 1/2 cup canola…

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Does God Even Exist?

Have you ever thought about this in your lifetime? Are you wondering now? I can share some thoughts on the subject whether you or someone you know is questioning their faith or even the existence of God. Asking the hard questions, such as, “Does God Exist?” is quite possibly the most important question of your…

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