I Don’t Deserve It

I am one of the most fortunate human beings on this planet. Those words are not said while bragging, I’m very humbled by God’s love for me. I did absolutely nothing to deserve His many gifts and I have wept joyful tears today in thanksgiving. And yet, I don’t deserve it. I deserve absolutely nothing.…

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Why Bees?

Why bees? Well, the bees came to me. All I can really think is that they have some lessons to teach me and to teach others. During the stay at home orders of COVID, a small ad for bees came on my Facebook feed. Hmmm….I thought. That would be an interesting and positive distraction during…

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Women of Grace | Lauren S.

I’ve known Lauren a good portion of my life. From T-ball days to High School and beyond. We’ve never officially been in the same “circles” because she ran around with one of my sisters, but the thing about Lauren that’s amazing… she doesn’t really have “circles”. If you want to meet someone who gives everyone…

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