Welcome to St. Martha’s Lens

Thank you for stopping by here today!  Are you interested in St. Martha’s Lens?  Would you like to know what the name St. Martha’s Lens is all about?  Who is St. Martha and why do we need to see the world through her “lens”, her point of view?  Read on to find more.

Who is St. Martha?

St. Martha is the patron saint of housewives and servants.  She, as well as her sister Mary and brother Lazarus, was a good friend of Jesus.  When Jesus came to visit, Martha prepared the meal, cleaned up, and tended to everyone’s needs.  Eventually she complained to Jesus about Mary, to which Jesus responded, Mary’s actions, listening to the word of God, were best and more important.  This is a valuable lesson, but makes Martha look bad.  It seems as though doing the hard work is not worthy.  The lesson is to hear God, and follow Him first.

A greater story of Martha in the bible is just after Lazarus has died, she and Mary know Jesus is on his way to visit.  Martha decides to go and meet Jesus and walk with Him to her own home, while Mary sits back and waits for Him to arrive.  Martha is taking the initiative to go find Jesus and walk with Him.  She shows the world that action is needed when serving the Lord.  Martha does the hard work to find Jesus and proves to all that it is worthy.  Martha shows us how to serve and love others, but especially God.

Pray With Me

Blessed Father.  Let us be like St. Martha and find Jesus throughout our days and serve Him by serving our families and friends.  Help us to do the hard work with love in our hearts, so we may find joy throughout our days.  Amen.