There are lots of potty training methods but these potty training tips are legit.  I’m a real mom who has potty trained four in a row. Trust Me!

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Backwards is less messy for this kid.

Potty Training is Tough

Potty Training is Tough… it really is, and we’re at it again in the year 2020. Because of holidays and traveling we decided to wait until our #4 kiddo was 2 years and 3.5 months. We could tell he was ready as we were staying with family, but we didn’t want to wear out our welcome with “baby” puddles spotting the floor.

It really was a sticky wicket, because the husband and I were afraid we were about to miss our window of opportunity. When we returned home that little boy really didn’t want to do it anymore. He straight up said, “NO” and he’d get me a diaper, follow me around the house whining. It was pitiful. Knowing how terrible the first day of training is (read below) I really didn’t have the energy and started to quit before we ever gave it a go.

Guess What!?

Day one for this kid who I almost didn’t attempt potty training with, went better than any other one of my kids! Woohoo! Three success tinkles in a row (stayed dry all day after naps) on the first day was unbelievable. We were all so proud, and I went to sleep that night beaming just remembering his shy/happy/proud of himself face.

I almost forgot to mention, day one of training for kiddo #4 was the day after we took him to the Emergency Room for a BAD case of croup. He didn’t get back in bed until late. I had every excuse and reason to hold off, but when he woke up happy I thought, “Why not?”

Potty Training Boys

My boys were my easiest… though everyone says that shouldn’t happen. So here’s a few tips to use with boys.

  • You have to teach them to point the “stream”downward.
  • If that isn’t working, then put them on the porcelain thrown backward.
  • Once your trained go right into standing up, because it’s easier!
  • Because our kids were young they were too short to stand without making a mess, so we let them stand on our feet.
  • The best way to get them to stand up to pee is to let them go outside (in my opinion).
  • They’ll go pee at least a little when they poop, so either sit backward or remind them to point their “stream” downward.

Potty Training Tip of ALL Tips!

You will NEVER be able to read how well or bad potty training will go, your kids will surprise you!

-said by every mother everywhere (probably)
potty training tips

The Right of Passage

If you’re jumping into potty training with your first or only child, let me just say, “It’s a right of passage, Mom and Dad, you’ll make it through… we swear!”  When I say we, I’m talking about every single parent from the dawn of time.  We have all felt so desperately defeated, too.  This is the time when you say things you never thought you’d say, “I love pooping on the potty, you want to be like mom?  Let’s poop together.”  It can get weirder, in fact, I’m sure it will!

Before You Begin Potty Training

If you have a date in mind you’re going to start training your child, then you can still be proactive.  I suggest changing your child’s diaper more frequently so they like the dry feeling.  As soon as you notice it’s wet, get them a fresh pair.  This will help in the long run.

Three Days of Naked

A popular method of potty training your child is what we renamed: strip and go naked.  We let that bare bottom and bare belly run around all day for three days.  It’s worked for us every time.  As you know, though, society won’t accept a naked child in public places like grocery stores and restaurants, so here’s a full disclosure… it’s much longer than three days.

Tips on Potty Training: Strip and Go Naked

  1. Don’t put any clothes on at all.  No shirt, no dress, no socks… nothing should make that child feel like they’re clothed.
  2. Pull up all rugs and close doors to all rooms with carpet.  If you need to create barriers, then do so.  It may mean you’re spending your next three days in the kitchen with a naked child.  Do it!
  3. Bring the potty chair out of the bathroom.  Make sure the child can visually see the potty chair.
  4. It will be messier than you want to deal with.  This is hard on parents, your patience will run thin and you’ll look at your child peeing right next to the potty and wonder “Why?”.  Pursue this dream, my friend!  Keep bath towels and cleaners handy.
  5. Your child will most likely not have any successes on Day 1.  It is possible Day 2 will have only one success.  Don’t quit!  Two of my children had absolutely no success either day and then Day 3 came and they had no accidents.
    (If on Day 3 they’re still not getting it, then it’s safe to say they’re not ready.  Don’t push it just try again in another month.)

All Done!  Just Kidding!

Now comes the process of teaching your child to wear clothes.  You also have to move the potty chair into the bathroom. Of course, who wants to clean pee and poop from that filthy plastic thing, so you have to teach them to go on the porcelain throne.

The Step by Step Process:

  1. Wearing underwear.  You can’t throw all the clothes back on at once.
  2. Put the potty chair in a designated spot, preferably in view of your child but also let it gradually make it’s way to the bathroom.
  3. Wearing underwear and a shirt (still no dresses for girls).
  4. Move the potty either in the bathroom or closer to the bathroom depending on where you started out.  Slow, Steady, Progress!  Move too fast and you’ll regress to a mess.
  5. Wearing underwear, shirt, and shorts/pants
  6. Going out of the house and into public!!!
  7. Using the real toilet, aka the porcelain throne.

Each of these steps takes about a week or two to master.  However your child may be different and they may go much quicker or much slower.  It’s time to follow their lead a little.

How to Go Out of the House with a Newly Potty Trained Child

Tip #1 Bring the potty chair with you in the car.  Why?  Because public bathrooms are gross and your child is still out of sorts with what to do.  Save yourself that headache until a much later date!  Later, as in after they’ve fully mastered your toilet at home.

Going out of the house is tough.  We start with small successes like going to the park.  If you pee your pants at the park you’re less likely to leave a large mess behind.

Tip #2 Don’t ask if they need to use the restroom.  Before you leave the house tell your child it’s time to use the potty.  You shouldn’t be asking your child if they have to go, because they don’t want to miss out on park time so they’ll never tell you.

Tip #3 While you’re out, have them sit on the potty chair in the car.  This is important so your child knows this option is available to them while they’re out of the house.  If we are going grocery shopping we either go before we leave the house, or try again  before walking in the store.  If my child goes at home, I’ll skip seeing if they need to try tinkling before we go in and instead offer the potty chair before we buckle in the carseats.

Should I put a Diaper on at Nap Time or Bedtime?

No.  Please Don’t.  Your machine most likely has a quick cycle so just get ready to do some laundry.  I know it sounds daunting, but making it easier on yourself is only prolonging the process.  So if you’re all in, no diapers or pull ups.  A pull up is just another diaper.

During the three day strip and go naked method I admit I’ll put a diaper on my child at bedtime.  I still won’t do it for naps.  This is because they’re stressed from the chaos of the day and trying to figure out training.  I want them to rest peacefully those nights.


Your child will regress at some point.  It will happen at least once, but it could be more.  Just be patient and know it will eventually pass.  Child #3 went two full weeks of wetting the bed almost two months after being trained.  I started to wonder if she would just have a bed wetting problem.  Some kids do, so you do need to think about that as well.  She came through though and no issues since.

Your kid gets busy and doesn’t want to leave their friends.  Peeing in their pants while playing is a sort of regression, but mostly a learning process.  To help with this, just start setting a timer.  When the timer goes off you run to the bathroom.  If the child pees, then I set it for an hour.  If the child doesn’t pee, then I set it for 15-20 minutes.

Pooping Dilemmas

I mentioned poop above, but that’s not really the half of it.  Some kids decide to poop near the potty but rarely in.  Some kiddos are frightened of the “kerplunk” of pooping on the big toilet, so pooping in the potty chair a little longer is required.  Pooping is scary and it’s a tad difficult.

For a year or so your child has been pooping in the comfort of their diaper.  Quite possibly you know it’s happening because they’re squatting in the corner or behind the chair.  I believe it’s that squatting process that makes it had to poop on the potty and especially the big porcelain throne.

Potty Training Tips

Child #1 and Child #3 had, and still slightly have, issues in the “duty” department.  We went through a regression for poop only and it was gross.  I cloth diaper, but I threw some of those panties in the trash.  Power through! I hated these times because I could see the fear and frustration written on their poor faces.  Just give them hugs… while they sit on the toilet.

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