Why bees?

Well, the bees came to me. All I can really think is that they have some lessons to teach me and to teach others.

During the stay at home orders of COVID, a small ad for bees came on my Facebook feed.

Hmmm….I thought. That would be an interesting and positive distraction during the summer.

Then, I remembered my parents had bee gear from attempting to bee keep about 5 years ago, they said I could have their stuff. Materials, Check.

My uncle had the land and after a quick phone call, he was happy to provide a place for the bees. Home, Check.

Why Bees
In the beginning…

All I had to do was FIND the bees.  Easy, right?

I called the local apiary from the ad and the bees were sold out.

Turns out, that most bee keepers plan to keep and reserve their bees a few months to a year in advance and the time to distribute was coming to a close. Every local apiary was sold out of ‘nucs’ or ‘nucleuses’ for bees.

I called my uncle to tell him, “Never mind on the bee thing.”

He reminded me that I should use Craig’s List.

Well, what little experience I had with Craig’s List resulted in 2 men fighting over a piece of free furniture in my front lawn.

I wasn’t so thrilled to try that venue, but whatever.

I called the first apiary I found and a man promptly told me, “We have only a few nucs left. This weekend is the last we will distribute. Call my wife and she will give you more details.”

I called and emailed his wife and she was more than helpful with information. She provided a PDF for beginner keepers and what worked for them as a family as well as other helpful resources.

I couldn’t wait to pick up my own little lads and ladies and be a bee mom!

A week later, one evening I set out to pick up the bees.

 I don’t know why, but I couldn’t find a friend willing to travel with me to transport bees in the car to their new home. I had EXTRA gear! Sheesh.

Why Bees
Transferring Bees

SO, I went myself.

It actually ended up being a beautiful family run apiary with multiple hives who were distributing to multiple keepers. They gave a quick beginner’s course on how to transfer the bees and have been extremely thorough on teaching new keepers and supplying helpful resources and information.

I picked up the lovely ladies (in a contained box) just 3 days before Pentecost, brought them to my uncles and VOILA! I’m a bee keeper.

 ( N.B.: I do NOT suggest driving while wearing bee keeping gear. It’s extremely difficult.)

Shortly after getting the bees, I thought vlogging the bees and sharing some of my faith journey would be a healthy distraction for others worrying about COVID or riots or whatever ridiculous thing came our way in the weird year of 2020.

To see a small bit of the transfer watch here

(I was shooing away the curious horse and the neighbor’s hound was whining because he couldn’t join in on the fun):

Heck, if people were willing to watch a girl repaint her face or squishy toys – why not put a little positive content out on the world wide web?

But what do I know about blogs, vlogs, or anything in between? I’m not necessarily the ‘techiest’ person.

Exactly a day later, Dana messages me to ask if I would consider writing for her.

Wow. Ok, Holy Spirit – thank you for this.

Why Bees

So, here we are.

Letting the bees write a story and teach a lesson, sharing some thoughts on faith, crosses, and life journeys and any constructive content in between.

Thanks for reading.

“The bee is more honored than other animals,

not because she labors,

but because she labors

 for others.”

St. John Chrysostom

Bee Not Afraid. Bee well. Bee inspired.

Meredith S.

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