Sometimes it is tough to buy for a Stay at Home mom, because you’ve already bought them all they need for their one or two hobbies they have time for, or more likely they’ve put off wanting nice things until the kids have grown. Whatever the reason, no one quite knows what to get a stay at home mom. But I do! Let me share what is on my list, and why to give you ideas of what to get your wife, daughter, or that special Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) in your life.

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Many moms can’t find the time to read, but every mom knows she should make time for it. What has your special SAHM been talking the most about? Is it about remodeling a room? Is it about wanting to eat cleaner? Knowing what your SAHM’s interests are will help you know what to get a stay at home mom.

For me personally, I like books on organization, fostering family time, how to be a better person/mother, homeschooling, knitting, sewing, embroidery, and I’m also trying to learn a new language right now. Books are my way of continuing my education. Sometimes as a SAHM I can feel like I’m standing still. If I want to try something new I don’t always know how, but reading on my subjects of interest me learn.


We live in a house that’s most likely considered too small for our family size. While I love living in a small home, I can’t stand clutter or mess. It is important for me as a stay at home mom (SAHM) to be certain every item has a home. Organization is essential for SAHMs but we can’t always justify buying the pretty baskets and jars to help make our home beautiful and neatly tidy.

Glass Storage

At our house we’ve been trying to get rid of platiscs especially around the kitchen. Plastic just has a bad rap, but it’s a cheaper version, and again SAHMs don’t usually justify buying a better version of the things they already have. Here’s some of the tools I have and love and others I want to help reduce the chemicals for our family.


I’m not into jewelry too much, but I love how it looks on others and so I’ve decided I need some pieces to dress up my look. Now, with kids, it may seem silly to wear a necklace or earrings, but some friends of mine have told me to just start small, and be brave. They’ve told me to wear the necklace and see how long it takes for the kids to even notice and then to “train” your child to stop touching it. It may take a few tries, but eventually they’ll see it as apart of you and you’ll be able to wear more of the “pretty” things.

Decorative Items

So, here’s the hard one, but also probably one of the best gift ideas. You watch your specials Stay at Home Mom binging on HGTV or perusing through fixer upper magazines, right? So probably she wants to make her house beautiful. Her home is literally her daily office, so it’s probably more important to her than you could imagine.

But how do you buy the right stuff? Well, you can be sneaky or you can just ask her plain as day. If you want to be sneaky, you’re going to need to take an interest in what she looks at and what she watches, and most importantly what she says. Magazines are the easiest, because you can take the images you see and find them in the stores, or often the magazines will tell you where to buy the items.

What to get a stay at home mom

On a Budget?

There are plenty of “look a like” pieces out there, so don’t feel like you have to buy the expensive stuff! I’d love to help you find something for your special Stay at Home Mom. Send me your pictures and prices range, and I can help you find just the right piece(s) for her.

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