If you have a little boy then you’ll need this guide to buying a little boys Christmas outfit on Amazon: little kid, toddler, and baby.

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little boys Christmas outfit

The Four Year Old

The boys’ outfits were surprisingly the easiest this time around. Below you’ll find the game plan for Family Pictures. I have to say “game plan” because I have some persnickety boys who will decide NOT to wear at the last minute.

So far, my four year old LOVE his new tie. It’s like a right of passage to adulthood for him and we learned that he likes to dress well. The tie is by far the COOLEST thing I’ve found on Amazon in a long time. It’s a zipper tie and the not is essentially the handle. It’s smooth, and there are lots of color options for this brand. We’re definitely buying more!

The Toddler

The toddler, is dressed very similar to his big brother but just in contrasting colors. Because I can see him deciding he doesn’t like the sweater, I also bought some suspenders to dress up his look. I love suspenders with a passion, because I have an old soul and sometimes I to dress my kids to reflect that. We’re not bothering with dress shoes for this guy, we’re keeping it simple, because we’re just praying for a happy kid during Christmas family photos.

Short Sleeve Dress Shirt
little boys Christmas outfit

The Baby

The Baby doesn’t get to fuss about what he wears, so that’s nice of course, but Dad may not allow the bonnet to be worn. We’ll see. The shoes again, look a little old fashioned, and the navy

Now, all I have to do is figure out the girls’ outfits…. and my own!

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little boys christmas outfit
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