Since September, our family has been strolling the neighborhoods and Parks of Tulsa, OK in the best cargo bike around.

If you follow the blog, you’ll know we’re one of those “big Catholic” families who have five little kiddos (5 and under) roaming around. Of the five, we have one who can actually pedal a bike… but not well enough to go anywhere yet. So, there lies the problem. We have this beautiful new Gathering Place just minutes from our house, with beautiful biking paths all around it… How can we enjoy it without the hassle of getting in and out of the car and carseats continuously? The solution: The Bunch Bike aka the best cargo bike around.

The Best Reasonably Priced Cargo Bike

So, I’ve wanted one of these Bunch Bikes for so long and it took over a year of convincing my husband it would be worth it. You see Cargo bikes like these are sort of the equivalent to small cars, so it is an investment. The idea was to buy their four seater because at the time it was the biggest one we could find. When looking at all the options, Bunch Bikes was one of the cheaper, and also one of the very few being made inside the United States. They’re made in Denton, TX.

By the time we (my husband) were ready to purchase, Bunch Bikes came out with the Preschool Bike: a Six Seater!!! The ONLY time I’ve been grateful for my husband’s ability to think long and hard on a purchase.

Why Buy from Bunch Bikes?

Buying from a company in another state was way too simple. We received the personal care everyone loves about a “mom and pop” shop, and then some. The bike was delivered to our house already built. In fact, after we ordered it, we realized we’d be out of town when it shipped and they had NO problem delaying delivery for us.

We knew we would need a seat for the newest addition, the baby, and we ordered that through them as well! You guys, they installed it for us! The installation involved drilling a few holes and adding some straps, which would have been easy for us to do, but they took the time to help us out!

Since purchasing the bike we’ve been in contact with some of their associates asking how everyone likes the bike and more. The customer service at Bunch Bikes is really one that’s becoming harder and harder to find. The associates care about your purchase and your experience. It’s purely genuine!

The Funnest Workout I’ve Ever Had

So after having our first three babies, it should be needless to say, I wasn’t feeling as strong, nor as fit, as I wanted to be. I had worked out pretty hard after the second child, but I had more time then. So I was on the search to find a way to get in some kind of shape, or at least promote healthy exercise habits, while toting along the kids.

I couldn’t justify buying a triple stroller just for walking in the neighborhood because it wouldn’t fit in my car to take it anywhere else. My next thought when right into a bike with a trailer. Even though the trailers could only fit two, I assumed I could put a kid seat on the front and a kid seat on the back and be able to cart around 4 little ones that way (obviously before we thought of having a fifth). That just started to seem dangerous to me, which lead to a little bit of research in finding Cargo Bikes!

In September alone I lost 1.5″ along my thighs, bum, stomach each and then some while eating healthier and biking the kids everywhere. Because even though there is an electric assist, I can make the ride as hard or as easy as I want. Going up hills with 5 kids (nearly 200lbs of weight) would be near impossible without the extra power.

best cargo bike

The Best Family Bike in Town

I can say with absolute certainty that we have the best family bike in Tulsa! Not only am I choosing to live healthier with this bike, but I’m still getting to have conversations with my kids because they’re directly in front of me. The Preschool Bike’s seats are on the sides of the bike instead of on the front and back, as in the four seater bike, so we can ALL see each others’ faces.

We’re making sure we get our kids outside each day by using the bike, and getting outside each day means less chaos indoors at the end of the evening. The bike provides us with smiles and laughter and conversations with strangers and friends.

You almost can’t be anything but happy on this bike, and as a Stay at Home Mom, I can’t explain to you what that means to me. There’s been too many times I’m rushing kids out the door, aggravated with the latest mess, or tired of giving the same command for the trillionth time. My greatest fear is that their memories of me will be when I’m disgruntled. I think it’s safe to say, they’ll remember this bike for a long time and the joy it has brought us! (Hence the reason we’ve rated it the best cargo bike)

best cargo bike

We Suggest the Preschool Bike

We certainly know not everyone has as many kids as we have, but I suggest having extra space in your bike. Why? Because it’s fun to have friends in the bike, or perhaps you’re bringing along a stroller, or something else. We’ve found ourselves traveling much further than we anticipated because it’s so easy. If you only have two kids then splurge for the four seater. These truly are the best cargo bikes around!

It Really Is the Best Cargo Bike

I really wanted to title this post: The Best Cargo Bike for Family Time, Weightloss, Creating Happiness, and Beyond! If you see us around town, please stop and say hello! Tell me you read this post. Ask me your questions! Better yet, help us name our bike.

We’ve always carried on the tradition of nameing our vehicles, and this little guy has been awaiting it’s name. However, the kids have been calling it the “Bus Bike” because it’s yellow and because they misheard us talking about getting the Bunch Bike. Ha!

Now! Excuse me, it’s time for a bike ride….

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25 replies on “The Best Cargo Bike Around

  1. Phew! Glad to hear it has an electric assist! I don’t think i could tote 4 kids around without that. Seriously though, very cool bike!!

  2. That looks like so much FUN! I have three kids, and I can totally relate to the desire to want to hit the road (well, bike path) as a family but not everyone is quite there skill-wise. This is a perfect solution.

  3. Great article thank you for sharing! I used to live in the Netherlands, and cargo bikes are super common there. Mums use them to bring their kids to and from school

    1. It electric assist! I can make the ride as hard or as easy as I want. That’s 200lbs of kid in that bucket. My legs would have to be the size of a linebacker’s.

  4. This looks like the best workout and the kids would have so much fun in it! It’s a win win.

  5. This is the first time I am hearing about these bikes, Kids are gonna love it.

    I feel this is cheating, as i did not get it when i was a kid. LOL

  6. Would love to hear what seat you are using for the youngest. We are thinking of buying and will have three, with the youngest still an infant. Seen several friends love their bunch bikes and hoping I can convince my husband to drink the koolaid.

    1. The seat is the toddler seat from Bunch Bikes. They have an infant seat too but it doesn’t fit the preschool bike.

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