Do you want your home to be quiet or to be peaceful? What’s the difference between peace and quiet? Is it wrong to want quiet? No, but it’s more important to create peace.

The Difference Between Peace and Quiet

As a mom of 5 I am constantly wishing for a little peace and quiet. I’ve said those words many times as I sat to pay bills, cleaned up something disgusting, scurried the family out the door, and so on. The strange thing is, I hadn’t really thought about what “peace and quiet” really meant.

The Quiet

If you live as I do, and constantly have some little hand reaching for you or touching you every single day, then you’ll understand it can be easy to get burned out. When we feel that way, others tend to offer advice such as, “Why don’t you go take some time for yourself, and I’ll hang with your crew.” That’s a great idea, go and spend some time in the quiet.

Same scenario, except I’m wishing to reconnect with my husband, or do something just the two of us. We decide to plan a weekend getaway and enjoy ourselves in the quiet, but what happens when it’s time to go back home?

When the Quiet is Over

The quiet is over when reality sinks back in. Sunday evening rolls around and the thought of going home to clean, do laundry, or wake up too early to make breakfast for the kids who are crying because they refused dinner the night before (That’s not too specific is it, kiddo #4?) is protruding your mind and ruining your good time.

The Quiet is Really the Escape

Escaping your troubles is all you get when you ask for QUIET. The beauty of the quiet is that sometimes, you do really need it, and it’s an incredible “reset button”. The problem only comes if you expect it to piece everything back together again. You can’t save your marriage in one weekend and it would be insane to think your parenting skills would be perfected by spending enough time alone as you need. Things might get better temporarily, but nothing would be fixed permanently.

The Peace

If quiet is the escape, then what is the peace? Peace is the not so simple art of creating an environment you WANT to be in. Typically, this means changing your perspective to see the good in the mundane. Creating peace in your life starts with you.

How to Create Peace

You’ll want to start with the end in mind. If your everyday needs peace, find out where. From there you can make all your changes.

Start Small

You change one thing at a time. Since there are probably many things in your life that need your attention, only plan to work on one thing at a time. eg. When I get behind on life because of mad chaos and all my beautiful routines have been tossed aside, I don’t just do start again by doing each routine to perfection. I start by getting my kids in order, then I work on my household routine, then I start on my business stuff again, and so on and so on. Starting small is very forgiving, and your life is busy enough, right!

Take it Day by Day

If creating peace is your goal, you should know it will take time. You can’t be overzealous, or you’ll start creating less peace than you originally started with. Don’t just give yourself grace, but give your whole life grace, things happen that we can control and that we can’t control. There will be set backs here and there, but keep moving towards your goal.

You Can Only “Fix” You!

When I want peace, I typically have this grand scheme that involves everyone’s cooperation, and it always ends beautifully… in my head. Ha! In real life, I can’t control what my husband and kids do, so I have to find ways to encourage them, but the hard truth is, no one changes unless they want to, and if they don’t want to…. well, that’s that! Do you know what to do, when there seems like nothing else to do? You pray!

But I Have Real Problems Dana!

If you want some help with a specific problem, I’m happy to solicit advice. Keep in mind, I’m not a licensed counselor, I’m a friend. I am a gal pal who has an unbiased opinion on what you have going in your life stealing your peace. I’ve combated my own peace-stealing dilemmas, and I’m fairly confident I can help you get started in finding some peace, maybe even some peace and quiet!

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The Difference Between Peace and Quiet
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