I’ve talked a ton on how I’ve learned to live a more joyous life, but I’ve not yet delved into the how I’ve become stronger throughout these years. In some ways it may seem as my life has gotten easier, and even for me it seems that way, but it hasn’t. My life didn’t get easier, I became stronger.

We still live far from our families. We still struggle with our marriage. The children STILL (not sure it will ever stop) push our buttons time and time again. I still dread doing the hard things, like exercising and turning down sweet treats. Waking up and making a conscious effort to clean up and be a great Mom and some sort of a role model for my little loves around me is still something I wish I didn’t have to do. You see, it’s ALL still there… but I’ve changed. I have become a stronger person.

God asks all of us to struggle and endure some sort of hardship. That’s apart of life. His master plan calls for us all to become stronger through the struggles we endure.

As parents we are called to ask this same thing of our children. We’re called to allow them to struggle so they to can become stronger. This means letting them work out the kinks themselves. Certainly, you should teach them how, and often that’s by modeling. Yes, guide them along after they’ve been taught how to help themselves, but don’t fix their problems for them.

We know children will never learn to ride a bike without falling. As parents we teach our children to walk by watching them fall so many times. Just as God can’t take away the hurt, neither can we, but we are always there for that beautiful crying child who is afraid to get back up and try again. This is the same relationship God has with us… he’s always there, even when we’re still hurting.

Life just won’t get easier, and not one of us is the type who deserves ANYTHING from the Man Upstairs! That’s the other thing. We tend to believe we deserve a break, or a better life. We’ve worked hard, so where is our reward? Thinking this way won’t make life better, in fact, it will probably make it worse! Life didn’t get easier, I became stronger. Now if that means the opposite is true, then thinking you didn’t deserve the terrible stuff will make you weaker.

Life Didn’t Get Easier… I Became Stronger

(and this little darling was all apart of the process.)

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