There’s an inaccuracy in saying the phrase, “I would never do that!” I’ve said it, I’m guilty of that for sure, but I am in the process of realizing why we shouldn’t say that particular sentence any longer. This goes for Murder, Rape, Abortion, etc. Let me explain why we shouldn’t say, “I Would Never Do that!” about grave matters.

Phrases such as this one and others like it are similar to telling yourself (and others) you’re infallible. We know that isn’t true, but we honestly believe we would never do such an act as killing someone or purposefully injuring a person. So why shouldn’t I say, “I Would Never Do That!” if I firmly believe the statement?

I Would Never Do That

What’s the Answer?

The answer is so simple that it’s easy to overlook. The answer is “God.” We can’t fathom doing something like that because we have God in our hearts. I seriously can’t imagine ever having the need or the desire for an abortion, but if I didn’t have a strong relationship with God… I could see where I could be lead to that decision.

Without the feeling of God by your side, you could indeed do things you view as unthinkable. Imagine never feeling like someone is out there rooting for you to succeed. What would you do if your life was so lonesome because you hadn’t found faith in the plans God set out for you? Use your imagination to ask even deeper questions.

Do you see how knowing God changes us considerably? So the next time you see a truly hideous act of which you could not fathom committing… think about how your life could be different not knowing our Lord.

A Lesson for the Kids

To reiterate this lesson for my own children, I have told my kids repeatedly, “God does not make mistakes.” Therefore, I can confidently tell them there are no bad people in this world. Everyone is inherently good, but some people make very bad choices. The devil creeps into some people’s lives.

This essentially can be simplified into discussing things like lying, cheating, breaking things on purpose, and all those other boundaries kids try to hurdle. It’s a lesson, I”m sure even some adults need to hear, because they weren’t told themselves when they were children.

The Beautiful Outcome

The most beautiful outcome of thinking in this manner, and teaching these lessons, is what it can do for our society. Ultimately by being compassionate for a person who does bad things (even the really, really bad things), you stop judging people wrongly.

It seems everyone in this world feels judged by others, and it usually boils down to the other party not being able to understand why or how you could make that choice. I sometimes feel that way when people look at my large family or hear me talk about my relationship with God. I also feel others think I’m judging them for not making the same decisions I make, and though that’s false, I can see why they think so, I suppose.

Society is used to people putting neighbors down for one choice or another. We’re slightly conditioned to puff with pride when someone disagrees with us. The example of showing compassion and realizing the world is full of good people is a small, yet strong step towards the beautiful outcome of living together more harmoniously.

Take the Challenge

Are you up to the task of no longer making statements like, “I Would Never Do That!” It won’t be easy, in fact you’ll probably fail considerably like I do sometimes. Maybe it will take you a number of months. Maybe it will take you a number of years. That’s quite alright, so long as your pursuing this challenge, you’re succeeding at living more like Christ.

I Would Never Do that

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I Would Never Do that
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2 replies on “Why We Shouldn’t Say, “I Would NEVER Do That!”

  1. As I have matured, and gone through more life myself, I am so much more careful to never say never! ha!

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