I love picking out cute little family outfits for all occasions, especially when there’s potential for family pictures involved. Easter is late this year so let’s hope for warmer weather! I’m picking out our Easter Outfits for the whole family right here on Amazon. It’s my go to spot for all of our family photo sessions and holiday wear!

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Easter Outfits on Amazon? Really?

Not many people give Amazon a chance. Why? I think it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. It used to take me ages to find anything worth looking at, but eventually our Amazon searches learned my style and we’ve been purchasing here ever since.

I’m the type of parent who will let my kids wear their nice clothes out to the zoo or to a fun gathering, because I have laundry secrets like no other! Check out this post: https://stmarthaslens.com/2017/07/20/laundry-sanity/

My laundry secrets are also why I don’t purchase a bunch of extra clothes for our kids. I can literally get by with five outfits per child. We have more than five outfits because the kids have grandparents who just want to be helpful and buy clothes. We are gifted ample amounts of new and used clothing every year per child, I have hardly saved any for hand-me downs. I gift and donate and give back to whomever has the need.

Then Why Buy Easter Outfits?

If I have a system of less clothes that work, and I always get too much from other people for the kids, then why even bother buying Easter outfits?

I’ll tell you why… because I’m their mother, and when each one of these baby hooligans was wrestling around in my tummy I dreamed of putting them in the clothes I bought for them. If I get to do the messy, important, responsible things (okay I play with them too), then I’m going to reward myself by getting to purchase something I want/like for them.

I’m rewarding my hard work with cute photos to look back on, to remind me how I pretended to be the perfect family behind the camera’s shutter.

Without further ado… Let’s get to the Easter outfits.

Double check sizes because some of the outfits you find in the baby section will also fit toddlers and vice versa. Same goes for big kid items.

If you don’t see something you LOVE here, click on something similar, and you’ll soon find what you’re looking for. Happy Shopping!

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Easter Outfit for Baby Girls:

Easter Outfit for Baby Boys:

Easter Outfit for Toddler Girls:

Easter Outfit for Toddler Boys

Easter Outfit for Little Girls

Easter Outfit for Little Boys:

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6 replies on “Easter Outfit Ideas for the Whole Family

  1. I still have babies to dress in sweet little outfits like that, but my teenage boys oh boy do they give me grief! Lovingly of course…OH mom I can’t believe you are putting him in that ridiculous outfit!! I just smile and tell them they wore it when they were little too!

  2. So many cute options! And I agree… as their mom, you deserve to dress them up cute and matching whenever you want! ha!

  3. I wish Amazon had cute clothes when my kiddos were babies LOL. I even bought a dress for myself on there recently! My kids are adults now and I miss dressing my babies in cute Easter outfits. Oh, the memories!!!!

    1. I know! It won’t be long until my kids won’t want my opinion on their clothes… soaking it up as best I can!

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