Year after year I ask myself, what should I give up for Lent this year? How about you? Are you wondering what you should do for Lent this year? Tired of choosing the same thing to give up? Here are 25 fresh ideas on what you should do for Lent this year.

When I was a kid I grew accustomed to giving up snacks or soda every year for Lent. Though those sacrifices were hard for me at the time, nowadays I long for a deeper sacrifice than the same old same. A few years back I wanted to do something to help my heart more than my gut or my weight.

what should I give up for lent

The Lenten Sacrifice That Started It All.

It just so happened the first year I longed for a greater Lenten experience was the same year we had been dealing with a heavy amount of road construction all around our home in Tulsa. It was slow moving to get anywhere we needed to be, and it made me grumpy every single day.

When Lent rolled around I was tired of everyone cutting in line and not following proper road construction etiquette, that my swearing got pretty bad as well as my temper. I knew instantly this was steering my thoughts away from God, and I realized I could use this for my Lenten Sacrifice. That’s what started this list… hence #1, and I’ve created more options for myself with each year going forward to help me get the most out of Lent.

25 Things to “Give Up” for Lent This Year

  1. Let cars cut in front of you during traffic
  2. Don’t sit on the comfy couch or chairs in your living room (sit on the floor instead).
  3. Use your opposite hand to open doors, brush teeth, comb hair, etc.
  4. Eat at least one thing you dislike each day.
  5. Don’t allow yourself to hit the snooze button.
  6. Make a 30 minute time block for being with your kids without distractions aka phones.
  7. Say a rosary each day.
  8. Pray before all meals… including snacks, candy, and drinks.
  9. Get rid of something everyday through either trash or donation.
  10. Write a letter to someone each day.
  11. Give up Social Media.
  12. Keep a grateful journal.
  13. Don’t go to sleep until the kitchen is clean, or some other room in the house.
  14. Greet the people you meet by looking them in the eye, smiling, and even using their name if you know it or they’re wearing a name tag.
  15. Save your spare change for a greater cause.
  16. Volunteer for something each weekend.
  17. Attend weekday mass or sign up for Eucharistic Adoration.
  18. Visit with a home bound parishioner, or a person at the nursing home with few visitors.
  19. Give some money to a local school to pay for kids’ lunches with overdo accounts.
  20. Go for a walk rain or shine (wind or snow) everyday.
  21. Deliver food to help another family in their time of need.
  22. Turn off your radio while driving your car.
  23. Gather your friends and/or neighbors together each week by hosting dinner.
  24. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday at 3:00pm.
  25. Read scripture each night before bed.

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What Should I Give Up For Lent this year

What are You Giving Up For Lent?

Comment below with your thoughts on the sacrifices you’ll be making this lent.



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4 replies on “What Should I Give Up For Lent this year?

  1. The past few years I tried to add one weekday mass each week. I usually started out strong and then by the end of Lent I started failing. I started to feel really down about it but then one of our priest said in a homily that he hoped we all failed our Lenten sacrifices because it meant we needed God. It helped me so much and now I don’t get so down about it when I do fail during Lent.

    1. That’s exactly the truth! I’ve failed everytime I give something up… because I’m weak in the area of self-control. It’s something I work on outside of Lent now, and that’s why I made this list, to have a better spiritual outcome. To form a new perspective, and be someone greater than I was before Lent began.

  2. I want to give up social media & I want to ask hubby if he agrees that it’s a good idea;) I also think to fill it, I read ‘try reading a gospel everyday’

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