Have you ever thought about this in your lifetime? Are you wondering now? I can share some thoughts on the subject whether you or someone you know is questioning their faith or even the existence of God. Asking the hard questions, such as, “Does God Exist?” is quite possibly the most important question of your life. Your openness to the answer is what actually counts though.

Does God Exist

It’s How You Grew Up.

Perhaps you’re struggling to have a relationship with God because you’ve always been Christian and haven’t known another way. Most likely you’ve followed your parents lead and were perfectly content, until someone made you think differently. That’s alright! If you’ve asked yourself the question, “Does God even Exist?” along with all sorts of other hard questions, then I’d like to congratulate you!


Because you’re digging into your faith deeper, instead of just following blindly.

It Feels Wrong to Ask.

If you’re like me then you probably feel guilty for asking. If there ends up being a God and you questioned Him for even the slightest second, you’ll never forgive yourself, or maybe He won’t forgive you. This is NOT the case. God will forgive you, you know, because you’ve read the bible.

I Don’t Want to be Played a Fool.

I didn’t want to believe in something that didn’t truly exist and be made fool if I die and I didn’t go anywhere, heaven, hell, or purgatory. When I first started questioning God’s existence, I decided to believe in Him because I figure I’d be made into a bigger fool if He was real and I didn’t believe. Sad, but true. I decided to believe, but I still had questions. So I started asking another question: “How do I know if God exists?”

It’s the Same But Different, Really.

Now it’s time to really dig in, and find out what you want to know. Whether you’re asking yourself “Does God Exist?” or you’re asking, “How do I know if God exists?” It’s the same question really.

The First Step is the Strangest!

Step One: Ask God for help! Seems strange to ask God for help on His own existence, but let me tell you what’s really going on. You’re really wondering why you haven’t heard from Him lately, or ever. You’re actually questioning your relationship with Him. Where has He been in your times of need?

So let’s ask God for help. What do you want to say? Ask Him to show you He’s really there. Tell Him why you’re struggling to believe.

Still Worried About Being Played a Fool?

In every science experiment there’s a chance for failure. In fact, Scientists welcome failure as a chance to learn. This is no different. Are scientists fools because they get things wrong? No, they’re curious and they do what they need to find the answers. That’s precisely what you’re doing here.

Now What?

So you’ve asked God to reveal Himself to you, now what? This parts a little trickier, and not easy to do. Now you have to listen, and by listening I mean you need to be open to His presence. If you’re open to Him and He doesn’t reveal Himself, then you can chalk it up to: He Does Not Exist. However, if you’re open to Him, then you’ll know He does exist. Open yourself up and hear Him, so you can KNOW Him!

How Do I Know God?

As a child, I was taught to pray, but at that time, I wasn’t doing much more than talking at God. I was too young to really know what our relationship was. That’s okay, that’s natural at that age, but once I hit the teenage years I remember asking my dad, “How do I hear what God wants me to do when I ask Him for advice?” and honestly the answer to that question left me feeling hopeless.

It wouldn’t be for another 15 years or more that I would receive the answer. But that answer didn’t come easy, I almost lost my faith completely. It was a time when I felt that I had done everything wrong my entire life leading to this place of hopeless sorrow I called life. I wrote a post on that here. Without that stressful struggle I wouldn’t have come to the answer. So if you’re feeling pretty hopeless, then rest assured you’re coming to the answer very soon.

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The First Answer

That day I asked my dad the difficult question he said something to me along the lines of, “when you do something and it just feels right, that’s God.” It made me feel awful, because at that time of my life I was already starting to feel like everything felt wrong, even when the outcome felt good. Now, I can understand what my dad was saying to me back then, and I can agree with him, but I’ll lay it out a little deeper.

When I did things and they made me feel peaceful, I knew I was doing what God wanted from me (This was what my dad was talking about). That was just the beginning, because even after knowing this and feeling this, I still had some struggles in this area.

I then had to deal with the harder parts of life. Making the decision to have a child made me feel peaceful, until I brought the subject up to my husband who wasn’t ready and didn’t know if he would ever be. It caused great pain, sorrow, and loads of anger. Where was God now? This is where I had to learn to give my troubles to God.

The Second Answer

Giving God control over my worries and anxieties wasn’t easy. I had to force myself to do so before it came natural. If God was really calling me to have a child, then He wouldn’t just leave me to deal with the struggle alone. I prayed for patience, and for strength, but mostly I just prayed for our marriage to be as God wanted it.

Admittedly, I started praying for God to change my husband’s mind, because that’s what I wanted… but in my openness, I realized I needed to pray for our marriage. See how God speaks to us in all sorts of ways? It takes trying to get to trial and error.

The Third Answer

Now that I know He’s there and He’s rooting for me, I’m still struggling to hear Him sometimes. Our culture and our busy lives will lead us away from hearing God’s voice, even when you’re practicing like I am. This is where I turn to the bible and pray a Lectio Divina. If you don’t know what that is or how it’s done, no problem I’ve got you covered.


Keeping asking the hard questions, because God doesn’t just want you to do the right thing and go to church. He wants you to get to know Him better, He’s poking you and saying, “Hey! Do you see anymore? I’m still here!”

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  1. I think these are important things to talk about, but it can be hard. My goal for 2019 has been to work on my relationship with God. One thing that really helps me is attending a Novena Mass on Monday nights at my parish but I’m finding it difficult to get there regularly, and it’s pure laziness on my part. Thanks sharing your thoughts!

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