How to become a better person… You only have one life to live, are you living it well? Are you doing the things God had planned for you? Is your life peaceful and full of purpose? Read on to understand how I started creating a better me… (and you can do it too!) Come along with me, and I’ll show you what works for me: How to become a better person.

How to become a better person

How to Become a Better Person

This is such a broad topic to discuss, as obviously we are all on different journeys in our life and becoming a “better” person may look different to everyone. One thing we all need to hear is that we are worth every ounce of time and energy it takes to become a better person… a better version of ourselves.

Let’s Enhance Our Lives Together

When I say together, I mean together. Find a good gal pal, or ask your husband, to help keep you accountable. Everyone has something they need to work on, and everyone has the opportunity to become a little bit better. Do it together! Put yourself out there and be vulnerable with someone you know you can trust.

How do you know if you can trust this person? Ask yourself a few simple questions: Will this person think I’m silly, trying too hard, or perhaps talk about “this” behind my back? Will this person encourage me for no other reason than because he/she loves me? Does this person strive to be a good person too despite his/her flaws? Once you have these questions answered you’ll know if you’ve chosen well.

Let’s Begin!

The first one is easy…

1. Take a Moment to Breathe Deeply.

What I’m really asking of you here is to literally slow things down. Rushing around to and fro may make you feel productive, but if you don’t stop to take a breath you’ll never be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Throughout the day, let’s say once every hour, (go ahead and set a timer, no one’s judging here) be still and breathe deeply. Really expand your lungs, pull your shoulders back, and clear your mind.

2. Practice Being Grateful.

Teaching yourself to say Thank you, and be grateful will do wonders for your soul. You will soon be able to realize how many gifts you have in your possession every single day. In order to do this, you might consider keeping a gratitude journal, or even saying a special Thank You prayer everyday. Then you can turn around and thank yourself because once this step is mastered, you’ll find you’re wearing a smile more often.

3. Let Go and Give it to God.

If you REALLY want to become a better person and live a more peaceful life… this is huge!

I find this to be one of the hardest, but also something I wished I’d worked on sooner in my life. This is where I ask you (and me) to stop worrying. So many people today struggle from depression and anxiety… this is not something God designed for us! While it’s not wrong for you to have these illnesses, I want you to realize that you should be working towards the “cure” by learning to give things to God.

How? When you begin to worry about something you have little to no control over… learn to pray. When I first started this, my prayer was a simple, “Help me through this.” but it soon grew to, “Give me the patience and knowledge to do as you will.”

When making a change in your life such as becoming a better person, I generally say, “Start Small.” but for this type of change, I’m going to ask you to go BIG! Oh how I used to cry when I felt I had no say in if we were going to have more children, or whether we would homeschool our kiddos, but those tears have changed to prayer… “Lord allow me to do your will.” You may have bigger issues than mine, but it doesn’t really matter, just start with your biggest worry first!

4. Rest Your Weary Eyes.

Seriously, get some sleep! It’s tempting to stay up and work, or to stay up and watch T.V., read a book, or do something you can’t do while the kids are awake and loving every piece of you, but STOP. If you don’t get your rest night after night, you’ll find yourself sickly, weak, making silly mistakes, yelling at the ones you love, and not seeming very pleasant to the world around you.

I used to dread going to sleep because I wasn’t ready to get the next day started again. I’ve since changed my perspective and though each day is tiring with all the responsibilities I possess, I find more joy than I used to, especially when I’m well rested.

5. Do Unto Others…

Whether you decide to do some volunteer work or to help someone near you at the moment, you should start doing more for others than for yourself. The selfless act of sacrificing for someone else will be hard but again joyful. Any sacrifice is worth it, be it 5 minutes of your time or a whole days’ worth. Sometimes it’s answering the same question a dozen times with a smile and a kind heart.

Begin to find a way to put others first and you’ll become a better person. Check out this post

6. Make Time for Friends and Family.

This goes along with serving others, but you really need to value your time with those who care about you. I brighten my day ten folds when I meet up with a friend to chat. Every time I speak to one of my sisters on the phone, I feel more connected with them and with what’s going on outside of my home. Seeing and hearing people does more for your spirits than any social media account ever could.

Get to know the “real” them, set it up, and make it happen. No matter how many legitimate excuses you have to skip out, JUST GO!

7. Be Vulnerable on Occasion.

If already mentioned this slightly in some of the other steps to becoming a better person, but I’ll say it again. Put yourself out there. Introverts like me can learn to become extroverts too. I would shy away from conversation or meeting new people because I felt I had nothing to offer. I learned later, that just offering a hello and a smile is all others really need… even if they seem like they’re “above” you… they will still (most likely) appreciate it.

Being vulnerable means you might here the words “no” when asking to plan a gathering of friends, but keep going until you find someone who says yes.

Being a better person means having the confidence to try something new and unsettling. You may surprise yourself, and take real joy in your success, but if for any reason you put yourself out there are fail, couldn’t you take great pride in the fact you did something difficult?

8. Build Your Relationships.

If you want to be successful in life, start with your many relationships. The most important relationship to build is the one with God. I wrote on treating God like your marriage in this blog post

After you’ve discovered what you need to do to work on your relationship with our Heavenly Father, remember the order in which you should show your love.

  1. God
  2. Self
  3. Spouse
  4. Children
  5. Others

I could continue writing, but why overwhelm and overwhelming subject. Trust Yourself! You know there’s a better way to live… go and become that better person!

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How to become a better person

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6 replies on “Creating a Better Me: How to Become a Better Person

  1. You make some excellent points in this post. Writing down what I am grateful for at the end of each day as well as what I have accomplished reminds me to be appreciative of what I have and to celebrate the small wins. I agree that making time for friends is also important — I don’t do it enough because like you I’m an introvert. Also, doing small things with my boyfriend that fall outside of our usual routine like going for a long hike or even just watching a movie can help liven things up.

  2. I love these!! Great tips, after becoming a special needs mom I also learned not to assume… we assume so much of other instead of asking and I never knew how much a person did that until I was on the other side.

  3. This is sich a heartwarming post. I wish we could follow all these tips naturally, but sometimes laying it down consciously like you have and consciously implementing some of it is also important. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this post! I myself like to rush things from time to time and work my hardest. There are days where I work with no breaks and ended up overwhelmed and stressed. Thanks for reminding me to take a breather.

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