What are you up to for Valentine’s Day? Haven’t made any plans yet? A group of women I love are putting together two days worth of ideas for your Valentine’s Day experience. Some of you may want to dine out, some of you may need unique cards for classrooms, and some of you might even want to show some love to your little fur ball!

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

My crew and I will be living small, but small does not mean we won’t be showing loads of love! The plan is to decorate the kids’ bedrooms bright and early in the morning with “>crepe paper and hearts we decorated with construction paper, scissors, glue, and whatever we can find lying around.

Later during the day we’ll bake cookies. Our sugar cookie recipe is the best #NoIcingNeeded and on Valentine’s Day we’ll add red food dye to make our cookies pink. Of course we’ll need our “>heart shaped cookie cutters.

All in all, the plan is to enjoy one another instead of wrapping ourselves in the T.V., or chores, or work, or whatever bogs you down throughout the day.

Look for My Valentine’s Day Blog Hop post tomorrow 6 ways to enjoy an “at home” date night with the hubs after the kiddos go to bed (if you can stay up that late!)

In the meantime please enjoy these lovely Valentine’s suggestions…

2019 Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

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Treasured Oak Springs is going to share how to make salted cashew clusters and you may find a freebie in her post as well!

Cozy Tasty Home can get your a great three course meal for Valentine’s day that’s budget friendly.

Our Grace Filled Journey has a beautiful devotional “Blueprint for Marriage”.

The Willow Mama has a special surprise in store!

Australian Working Mama is sharing frugal tips on making the day special with personal elements.

Essentially Handmade is posting her “secret” blog post today too!

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