We all want to be great, but time often only allows us to be average… or less. Here are some cleaning and easy homemaking tips to help ease your everyday load.

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easy homemaking tips

What is Homemaking?

Homemaking is the management of a home and all that it entails. Before I was a homemaking I thought homemaking to be cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, ironing and such. More recently, I realize there’s much more to it. Now I see it’s also about the function of the home and the people who live within those four walls.

While you’re reading the tips below, please consider making some changes in your daily routine, but DON’T change everything all at once. When we decide everything needs to change and try to make it all perfect immediately and all at once, we can doom ourselves to failure. Take any change you make to your life with caution, especially in a household environment. Each change you make, even to yourself, will also affect someone else. That someone who might need time to adjust to the changes too.

Let’s begin looking at the positive ways we can better our homes and the loved ones who live with us (all while keeping our sanity) with these handy homemaking tips below.

Easy Homemaking Tip #1:
Greet the Day Promptly

The first step out of bed is always the hardest, especially during the cold months when your cozied up in the covers and not adequately ready to risk getting goosebumps from the brisk air in the room. On the days I “hit snooze” I tend to feel rushed, unready, and constantly lacking or late.

My alarm clock are my kids right now, so “hitting snooze” means giving them excuses as to why it isn’t time to rise and shine. I try to coax them in to cuddle with me, or ask them to wait until the clock says “perfect” o’clock, but the thing is, there’s never a perfect time to get up. You just have to do it as soon as you first wake up. This little tip will make the rest of your day worlds better. Please make this the VERY first thing you do!

Easy Homemaking Tip #2
Create a Plan for the Day

It’s possible to just wing it from time to time, but homemaking is more about how you design your day. Are you effective with your time? Starting a blog and having four young children (and 1 on the way) plus living away from any and all relatives is not simple, but creating a plan, or a list, or whatever you need to get you through the day… is essential

Perhaps you need a Martha Planner : https://stmarthaslens.com/shop/

On top of your lists, use a timer! A timer will keep you honest with your time, and make your to-do list disappear faster while still getting to enjoy your day and your family! Check out the blog I wrote on how to use a timer! It’s my secret to Efficiency!

Grab your visual timer here: https://amzn.to/2TjeV8Q

Easy Homemaking Tip #3
Incorporate a Few Simple Chores Into Your Morning Routine.

Especially if you’re a working mom, you know the challenges of keeping a home tidy. There’s never enough time to get things clean. If you’re a working parent, I encourage you to enlist some help in the cleaning department, be it hiring a cleaning service, hiring a high school student, or teaching your preteens and teens how to clean and do it well. No woman was ever meant to do all you do and keep a clean house as well.

We’ll get back to the cleaning aspect, for now I’d like to discuss tidying the home. Clearing off counters, tables, floors, beds, and such of the clutter can help you keep a less stressful mindset when you’re at your home. When things are tidied and put away properly there’s less out distracting you from what really needs your attention. So get started early in the morning by making beds, clearing dishes, and making at least one space in your home cleared of clutter completely. This way when you get home you’ll have a place to relax before the busyness of the evening sets in.

Easy Homemaking Tip #4
Make a Cleaning/Tidying Schedule

I’m a stay at home mother and I’ll gladly share my routines and schedule with you, but if you’re a working parent, then you’ll want to adjust things to fit your schedule. You check out my cleaning schedule here: https://stmarthaslens.com/2018/09/22/cleaning-offers-me-peace-2/

easy homemaking tips

Easy Homemaking Tip #5
Keep Cleaning Products Handy

At the end of the day, when I’ve gotten my house ready for tomorrow, I’ve now started the habit of wiping off counters and other high traffic areas of our house including the bathrooms. It’s hard for me to do every night, but it takes literally seconds to grab the spray bottle and wipe with a cloth. Often when I’m not thinking I’ve cleaned much longer than I anticipated because it’s so easy to add just one more thing to clean… while I’ve got it out already

Recently, I’ve started keeping my cleaner out in a safe place away from kids. Why? Because if I see it, it reminds me to do it. If I see the product out then I’m more likely to use it. Currently, I keep it on the window sill above my kitchen sink. This I learned from my dentist (sort of) after she told me to keep the floss right by my sink instead of away in the cabinet, because I’m more likely to use it.

I’ve Subscribed and Saved with Amazon to these cleaning products I love and keep out: https://amzn.to/2WlAN5A

Easy Homemaking Tip #6
Fruits and Healthy Snacks Should be Plentiful and Visible

We don’t claim to be the healthiest family on the block, but I can tell when my kids haven’t eaten enough good food throughout the day. Studies show that keeping it out where you can see it will remind you to eat it. So prepare your fruits and vegetables for snacking on as soon as possible. If they need to be refrigerated place them in clear storage containers and get them out periodically throughout the day for an easy snack even for the kids.

Maybe you could care less about the health side of things, and that’s okay. I just want you to be aware of your child’s behavior when they’re loaded on sugars and empty calories as opposed to ample water and healthier foods. Calmer, less agitated kids will help you keep your sanity and in turn be a better homemaker.

Clear Containers I use for fruit and veggies: https://amzn.to/2MF8j2k
Clear Containers with departments: https://amzn.to/2B5iOXY
Clear Reusable Bags for packing on the go: https://amzn.to/2MCfQ1A

Easy Homemaking Tip #7
Meal Plan

This probably isn’t what you want to hear, because it seems like more work, but it’s meant to create less work. For me, I started meal planning to shop smarter. I was tired of not having everything I needed to make a meal, and not having breakfast food ideas, but tons of dinners, and even just tired of my pantry be left with all sorts of products I really didn’t need.

Planning our meals has offered me peace in that I’ve already decided what we would eat that night, so I don’t have to wonder and worry about it at all during the day. We bought way less junk food among other items that filled our refrigerator and pantry. Now I can see what I have in the house and plan meals off of that. In turn, we have way less waste! Less waste in the pantry also means less money at the grocery store. Cha-ching! And now! Now, we eat healthier because I’ve gotten to the point where I can plan healthier meals and add them to list! That of course happened much later in the process, though.

Check out more on meal planning here: https://stmarthaslens.com/2018/09/18/meal-planning/

Easy Homemaking Tip #8
Would you like to get a free printable Meal Planning sheet?

Meal Planning

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Meal Planning Printable

Easy Homemaking Tip #9
Subscribe and Save and Grocery Pickup/Delivery

How is this a homemaking tip? Because essentially to be a good homemaker you need to keep your sanity and running around every week to get your groceries plus remember the essentials you need or are almost out of does not give you that sense of peace. I love to grocery shop, even with my kids, but I’ll go four times a week if I’m not careful because I’ve forgotten to check how low we are on toilet paper, tooth paste, deodorant, etc. These are the things I’ve subscribed and saved for on Amazon! Now I get essentials like shampoo, laundry detergent, softener, and more mailed to my doorstep every month, or three months, or whatever I choose.

Grocery delivery and pick up are nice time savers too, especially when you have multiple kids. When the weather is perfect and we’ve not been out and about to the zoo, library, school drop offs/pick ups, etc. I will choose to go in and do it all for myself, but not every day is perfect, and I can always use an extra set of hands. Like I said before, you were not designed to do it all all the time! You should give yourself grace by not being afraid to ask for help. In some cases it’s harder at first, like the subscribe and save and the grocery delivery because there’s extra work in the beginning, but once it’s set up you’ll enjoy the convenience.

Easy Homemaking Tip #10
Purge Your Extras

Everything you bring into your home is another thing to take care of. Every toy is another to put away, every piece of furniture needs a home and needs to be dusted or cleaned, and every dish needs a home and needs to be washed. Get rid of the stuff that’s bogging you down. Again, this affects the whole household so be mindful of what others may need, but also request each member of the house to find things they too don’t need any longer. Read more about Six Interesting Things Keeping You Busy!

Homemaking Isn’t For the Extra Strong.

The biggest homemaking tip of them all, is to realize you are one person and shouldn’t be asked to do everything. In the pioneer days. when the ladies were hard working women who could make their own butter, grow their gardens, milk the cow, sew a dress, and more, women were not doing it all! When you look back at them they all helped one another out, neighbors, family, and friends. Trading skills and products were more common than we care to believe and so just because they seemed to do it all, doesn’t mean they actually did.

Wet nurses were available with new babies, Mothers and Mothers in Law were available for extended periods of time. Children had less, and offered more to the value of each day. Keeping things simple was a necessity for a very good reason. The season will continue to change, so take each day and slow it down, you’ll notice what needs to go and what needs to be invited back in your life, but most importantly call on others for help!

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19 replies on “10 Easy Homemaking Tips for the Average Mom

  1. I totally agree with leaving fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks in eye sight. It is amazing how much quicker my kids eat them if they are sitting in the bowl on the table or already prepped into snack bags in the fridge!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s as if you have too much time but because your responsibilities are ongoing, you either don’t know where to start, or you can’t get started, or you have to sacrifice any sort of relaxation just to keep up.

  2. I’m a SAHD with a crazy toddler and another baby due to June. I appreciate these suggestions! I am so nervous about having 2 little ones to watch at the same time!

    1. You’ll do great! Though it won’t be easy… you’ll figure out your groove. We are due with #5in June.

  3. I am such a huge fan of Mrs Meyers. This list is perfect. I have found over time that if I just modify a few things in my routine is saves me substantial amounts of time. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing your tips. I have always detested meal planning and I don’t know why, the creative and rebellious part of me doesn’t want to commit I suppose. Some busy seasons require it though and I am always glad that I have done it. For me if I just pull the meat out of the freezer and at least say, Wed. BEEF Thurs. CHICKEN Friday PORK Then I can still make what sounds good, but I at least have the meat thawed!

  5. I like the point about chore in your morning routine! I fell like I am always losing time during the day for cleaning since I work so much! Thank you for sharing

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