A woman’s right to have an abortion is a distorted theory brought heavily on our world by men. Why do we let men dictate what’s best for us. There are plenty activists for women would say they could NEVER allow a man to say what is right or wrong in their own life, but I can assure you they do if they feel having an abortion is their right.

First let me tell you about the beauty of being a woman. It’s something no man can ever understand and that’s okay. God molded us into the different genders to play different roles in this world. As a woman, my body is made to suffer through life’s cycle. I say suffer, because I don’t know many women who love being on their period. It’s a major inconvenience for some of life’s more pleasurable moments, but suffering is a gift.

If you can’t understand how suffering is a gift, then you’re really missing out! It’s through our suffering and times of trouble that we know how to be happy, or even what it means to be happy. Maybe you feel you suffer more than others, perhaps you’re really missing the lesson God’s trying to teach you. Instead of asking God, “Why me?” “Why now?” try this phrase instead: “What is God trying to teach me right now?” It’s a complete game changer.

Childbearing Years

Those years I have to bear children is the most beautiful gift I’ll ever receive, but it doesn’t last a lifetime. I know not every woman’s body is able to conceive, or carry a child to term, and many other devastating and life altering functions of the body. For me, knowing I am able when others are found wanting let’s me see how precious each life is… especially the unborn.

Please let me know if I’m wrong, but I haven’t met a woman who couldn’t have a child of her own rejoice in that news. If there are women fighting for the right to get rid of a baby when others are fighting for the ability to have a baby… what message are we sending to our “sisters”?

Having children is natural. In a world where we fight tooth and nail for everything else to be natural… food without harmful chemicals, breastfeeding in public, natural remedies and medicines, and so much more… why are we trying to avoid this natural process?

Some Women Just Want to be Men I Suppose.

Do you think that statement is accurate? From my point of view I see women fighting to be men, and not necessarily having the same rights as men. Some women see their bodies as a problem. These particular women don’t want a baby at a particular time, or they don’t want any more children at a certain time in their life. Therefore they have a problem. They have a problem with their bodies not functioning the way they want. It is no longer a gift.

What is the solution to the problem then? The solution, to some women, is to alter their biology unnaturally with forms of contraception/birth control and through procedures like abortion. Women are altering the natural femininity to become more like men… unable to bear children.

Why are Men More Socially Exceptable Than Woman?

Why would women want to be more like men anyway? Often the claim for wanting abortion and contraception for women is so they too can be the CEOs of the company, so they can fight for the better job position. It’s all apart of the problem mentioned above. The solution given above is what society has us believe. If women want to compete with men then they need to sacrifice this part of their female body, the natural form of the female biology.

There is a Better Solution!

I don’t see women conforming themselves into a man’s world as a solution to competing with men. We are just confirming what some men truly believe. Women are flawed, or perhaps less, and they need to fix themselves. I propose we start fighting for women’s rights correctly. I propose we fight for society to conform to the way a woman is designed. Let’s change the way the world sees the female body as an inconvenience to life in general.

It seems very bias to make women change themselves in order to fit in. Even women telling other women it’s okay to do these things to yourself or even to your unborn child is so incredibly masculine. There’s a reason some men don’t take a pill everyday to keep themselves sterile. There’s a reason some men detach themselves from the process of having a baby or raising a child. Isn’t it our right as women to correct this wrong in our world?


I am aware this article has not touched on ALL areas of why women choose abortion. I am also aware there are female activists who both agree and disagree with me. This is an educated opinion piece and should be read as such. There could NEVER be a complete blanket statement to cover all women or all men. Please consider my view as a different point of view to be looked at, not fought over. If you’re reading this now, I appreciate you and know we are different in many ways and very much the same in many ways too.

God bless the millions of babies who lost their lives to abortion.
Please be with the mothers and fathers who felt the need to have an abortion.
God bless the men and women fighting one another on these issues.

May we all come to know God’s love for us and begin to heal all the hurt in the world starting with ourselves.

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