I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how I’d like the next year to play out.  At the same time I’ve also been working on detaching myself from this world and all it’s possessions, it’s expectations, and the like.  There’s this strange feeling overwhelming me right now.  For one, I want to work towards all of my goals and my successes without hesitation and yet, I have to also surrender my life to God and understand He is in full control of everything happening in my life… past, present, and future.

Should I Set a New Year’s Resolution?

If I don’t have control, then should I really make a New Year’s Resolution?  Sure thing.  Sitting back and waiting for God to tell me what’s good and right for me and my family isn’t how life works.  Think about this with me.  Those of you who are successful (in any area of your life) or those of you who know people’s success stories, did anyone just wait for something to fall into their lap?  No.  I won’t either.

So, I set my goals.  Not just today, on New Year’s Eve, but all year long.  As I grow and struggle, I set my goals.  How do I set the proper resolutions though?  I make time to ask God what He wants for me or for my family.  I pray and consider all the consequences and do my best to listen for an answer.  A question I have struggled with my entire life is, “How do I hear God talking to me?”  Read this to find out how I hear God.

What Should My Resolution Be Exactly?

I obviously cannot answer these questions for you, but I’ve been asking some fellow women what their main focus will be next year.  Read them here and maybe you’ll get some ideas of your own.

“My New Year’s Resolution is to be more present and live in the moment.  Specifically, I want to be more present with my spouse and kids.”  -Marisa Tolsma from Bumblebee Apothecary

“I plan to declutter/donate more than we buy on our journey to simplify.  In years past, when my boys were much younger (they’re adolescents now) one thing I had to work on as a parent, and quite often a resolution, is whenever they asked me for something, I’d tell them I’d think about it. That gave me some breathing room and signaled to them, just because they asked, there wasn’t necessarily an answer right away. I could also clear my mind and think about about how I really wanted to respond. I barely ever regretted some decision, especially since it wasn’t a hasty one.” -Anja Herzberg Eckert from Our Gabled Home

“This coming year I plan to read and meditate on the daily readings.  This one is going to be hard.  I’ve tried and failed so many times, but I’m determined to do it in 2019.”  -Elise Koppe Speed from Le Petit Saint Crochet

“Well this year, for a change I’m going to actually write a resolution that I know I can keep easily and without breaking a sweat! My resolution is to eat more cake, chocolate and chips! Gooey buns, cheese and ice cream- you are all mine!!!

Come and check in on my December 31st 2019 and I’m sure I will have done it well and with style!!!” -Rachael Summers from Australian Working Mama

“I need to really watch my words around my boys, they’re 14 & 15, more carefully.  I want to make sure I don’t say things to them that are discouraging and bring them down.  An example of this is sometimes I might say, ‘you never do your school work’.  Well that’s not true because of course they do their school work.” -Missy Howard Myers from Rambling Rose Farmhouse

“My resolution for 2019 is to only go shopping for essentials.  I’m hoping to instill more gratitude and humility in myself as well as the children through this challenge I call, ‘the year of less’.” -Jayme Marquez from Faith & Family Farmhouse

“Pay $600 on the principal of our car loan.  Get off my blood pressure medication.  Teach Sarah more life skills. Learn how to do better at keeping New Year’s Resolutions.” -Misty Yeich from Our Grace Filled Journey

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