Want to know how to understand what God wants for you, or how to hear His voice?  A Lectio Divina is a practice of prayer and scripture to lead you to the answers God’s calling you towards.

What is a Lectio Divina?

A Lectio Divina is a form of reading the bible that sees the written text as more of a “living word”.  It’s about hearing God’s word for you, the reader, specifically.

How Do I Conduct a Lectio Divina?

There are four parts to conducting a Lectio Divina: Read, Meditate, Pray, Contemplate.


Choose a passage from the bible and read every word, without any thought outside of the scripture.  Just read.  When you finish the scripture, read it again, but this time put yourself into the story.  Which character are you?  How does this passage relate to your life at the present moment?  What are you feeling as you read?  Make the bible personal.


Now is the time to really listen?  What’s on your heart right now?  Are you struggling through something?  Are you wondering what path you should take?  Here’s where you need to listen to God.  When you were reading (Go ahead and read again if you need to) did you hear God talking directly to you and your specific situation?  Prayerfully consider your reactions, your feelings, and the moment you’re in right now.


Do you have a prayer on your heart now?  A prayer rolling through your mind?  Is there something you want to talk to God about?  Read the scripture yet again, this time cautiously pausing after each sentence.  This time when you read the bible, wait and listen for God to answer your prayers with His Divine power.  That meditation you did earlier has now turned into prayer.  Perhaps it isn’t fancy; perhaps its a simple prayer of two or three words.  That’s perfectly fine.  Are you struggling to pray?  Tell Him.  He answers all sorts of calls.


What is contemplation anyway?  It’s a massive word meaning sit and think.  So do that; sit and think.  Read the passage one more time (fourth times a charm).  What did God tell you?  What did you hear in the scriptures?  Take it to heart and know God wanted you to hear Him tonight.


Does it Really Help?

This is something you’ll have to find out for yourself, but I know my decisions have felt more confident, and my direction in life more fulfilling.  I don’t know if I’m doing what God has asked of me, but I feel confident I’m showing Him my love by trying to do well.  My time doing my Lectio Divinas has never been wasted.  I’m learning to turn to this method of prayer and divine reading more often.  It’s time consuming, and as a mother of many there never seems to be enough time.  So I stay up just a little later before bed… it’s completely worth it.

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