Do you ever feel discontent with your life but don’t really have a good reason for it? Do you ask yourself questions like: What’s wrong with me? How did I end up here? This is not what I thought my life would look like. You’re not alone. I’d gather to say many people, both women and men, have felt this way in their lives.

Sometimes there isn’t a real rational reason as to why we feel discontent.  A woman may feel discontent even though she is still very happy with her life as it is.  That feeling of discontent will drive you crazy if you don’t get a good handle on what it is you’re discontent about.

I heard a woman talking about how she felt discontent because she didn’t live in the country like she had planned.  She knew she always wanted to raise her family out in the stillness of the open setting which we call “rural life” however they lived in the city.  Why did they live in the city?  This woman and her husband have decided at this time of their lives when their children are so active in school and sports and other activities, living in the city is actually a better fit.  So why did she still feel this way?

It’s Deeper Than That

There was a deeper meaning to her discontentment than just toiling over where the family should reside.  She wanted something more.  In her mind, we gathered, living in the country setting would make things slow down.  There would be a sense of calm in her days.  Memories of her childhood and growing up in the woods filled her heart with wonder as she remembered exploring that great space.  “This is what I want for my children.”

Though she wanted this for her kids, she also knew living in the city at this time is what was best for their lifestyle.  She couldn’t imagine being in the car so long to get to “the rest of my life.”  I feel this woman and her husband has probably made the wisest choice, so does she, but then why discontent?

Sometimes we long for something we can’t have because we want what that “something” will give us.

I’ll repeat that.  Sometimes we long for something we can’t have because we want what that “something” will give us.  Now I’ll explain.  This lovely woman was trying to figure out how to slow things down.  She wanted to feel more calmness in her life.  She wanted a chance to explore life with her kids.  Her desire to live out in the country was purely about wanting a certain lifestyle.

I should tell you, though this woman is not me, I could resonate completely.  I have the same exact feelings of discontentment.  I’d love to live rural, but living in the city has spoiled me to how quickly I can fit little things in my day.  I long to slow things down… I’ve mentioned I want to homeschool right?

Ultimately, we all have values or virtues we want in our lives, and that feeling of discontentment usually comes from not placing those values at the forefront of our days.  So let’s do that!

How Can This Apply to You?

1. Ask Yourself a Question:  What are you discontent about?

2. Give Yourself Grace:  Just because you’re discontent doesn’t mean your life is horrible.  Don’t beat yourself up for the things you don’t have and forget about the gifts you possess.

3. Try to Fully Understand What it is You Want.  Dig deep into what it is making you discontent.  It may not be what you originally think.

4. Put it to Prayer. Talk to God to ask Him what virtues it is you’re searching for and how to place them in your life at this moment.

5. Put a Piece of “It” into Your Days.  Create a new culture for your family.

The Take Away

You are not alone in your discontentment.  You know life is well and good but sometimes we find ourselves wondering why we don’t feel joy 24/7.  That’s okay from time to time.  It can be God’s way of asking yourself what is really important to you.  Take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate your discontentment and make a happy change in your life.

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