St. Lucy, also known as St. Lucia, is celebrated by the oldest daughter dressing in a white dress with a red sash and a wreath upon her head. The wreath holds four candles and the daughter serves the family a morning treat. Traditionally, she should serve Saffron Bread, but we’re going to try something new here.  We’re going to show you our version of how to celebrate St. Lucy.

The feast of St. Lucy is December 13th, so you still have a little time to join us in the celebration.  We made a dress from a pattern I’ve been using lately, but with some slight alterations.  We used just a red piece of satin cut, not sewn and then we made our wreath crown from felt.

how to make a st lucy costume

The Dress

As mentioned above, I had been making dresses for my girls for Christmas, so I decided to use the same pattern for the St. Lucy dress but I’d have to make a few changes.

Here’s the pattern and fabric here:

Now my daughter is almost five and she’s rather tall so I added about a foot at the bottom.  I also elongated the sleeves by six inches, but I decided not to use elastic.  That won’t matter too much to you unless you’re an expert seamstress and can get this done quickly.

If you’re not into sewing and would still love to get a white dress to work, here are a few Amazon options here:

The Red Sash

We just went to Joann Fabrics and and got half a yard of red satin fabric.  We use it for multiple things so I didn’t sew it to the dress.  It’s been used for our tiny Christmas tree’s skirt and for playing pirates, or to pretend we’re movie stars.


The Wreath Crown

Now comes the really fun part!  I had no idea how I was going to do this, but it turned out much better than it should have!!!

green ribbon
4-5 sheets of dark green felt (8.5 x 11)
1 sheet of white felt (8.5 x 11)
1 sheet of yellow or “flame colored” felt (8.5 x 11)
hot glue gun and glue
empty cereal box or something similar

First, I measured my daughter’s head with the ribbon and cut it to make sure it would tie well.

Next, I cut felt into wide strips resembling that of a feather almost.

I cut several slits into each strip with the scissors like shown below.  Way too easy.


Next I glued each green felt “branch to the ribbon leaving room for the ribbon to be tied around the head.  The image above shows 1.5 sheets of felt used so I used double this amount to be sure the wreath looked full.

Now I used an old box of butter, but you can use any flimsy cardboard you can find, to cut into strips and glue on the back of the ribbon, like shown below.

how to make a st lucy costume

Next I cut more strips of green felt to cover up the cardboard and make it more comfortable on my daughter’s head.

Making the Candles

I cut the candles out of the white felt.  I decided I wanted pretty thick candles, but I eyeballed it.  For each candle I cut (four), I cut an identical one to go with it.

In order for the candles to stand tall and not flop you will need the flimsy cardboard again (remember I used a box from butter).

Glue your pieces together as shown below.

how to make a st lucy costume

Glue a flame on top with your yellow felt.

Last step hot glue the candles to the wreath as you wish.

how to make a st lucy costume

How does the tradition go again?

Traditionally the oldest daughter will dress up in her St. Lucy Costume and serve her family a treat in the morning of December 13th.  It is traditionally Saffron Bread, but we are going to try something new…

Using my Homemade Bread Recipe we plan to use the bread dough and fry us some “Fiddlestix”.  My grandmother was reminiscing the other day, and I thought this would be a perfect treat for our celebration.

How to make Fiddlestix:

Take a small piece of bread dough and roll it into a thin “snake” and twist it.

Deep fry the “twisted snake” until done all the way through.

Drain grease from Fiddlestix and roll in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

We’ll most likely make them the day before, because I’m not getting up early to make bread.

This will be our first year doing this, 2018, have any of you done something else?  Please share!

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st lucy costume
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