In this post you’ll find Advent activities for kids to do in your home. There is one Advent activity for each day of Advent. Getting your kids involved in waiting for Christmas will help them realize that waiting can be a beautiful thing.

Advent is about to begin and as a Catholic mother I’m doing my best to keep Christmas out of Advent.  What I mean by that is, we are preparing for Christmas… not celebrating.

Advent Season 2019

Dec 2: Put together our Jesse Tree

Dec 3: Write out Christmas Cards together:  Let’s be honest, this will take us more than a day if I’m asking my hooligans to help, but still completely worth it.

Dec 4: Today is also the feast of St. Barbara, who is the patron saint of architects, so we are planning to build a stable for Mary and Joseph to have Baby Jesus.  Legos, Lincoln Logs, Popsicle sticks, backyard sticks, or whatever my architects decide.

Advent Activities for Kids

Dec 5. Put out our Shoes for St. Nicholas after reading and learning about who St. Nicholas was.

Dec 6. Make the Star of Bethlehem for out Nativity Scene

Dec 7:  Put out our nativity scene (Minus baby Jesus)  Here’s the one in the one we used in the photo above.

Dec 8:  The feast of the Immaculate Conception:  Create our own St. Mary Ornaments.

Dec 9:  Bake Cookies for Christmas

Dec 10:  Sing songs reminding us it isn’t Christmas yet, such as, O Come, O Come Emmanuel! and O Holy Night

Dec 11:  Buy a gift or gifts for a child in need

Dec 12:  The Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe: We will celebrate Our lady with a Mexican Style Menu to honor Our Lady appearing to Juan in Mexico.  Read more about the Awesomeness of this mystery here.

Dec 13:  Feast of St. Lucy!  Early this morning we will have our oldest daughter dress in white, wearing a red sash and a wreath of candles on her head deliver everyone breakfast in bed.  What’s on the menu?  Sweet Bread! Check out her outfit and a tutorial on how to make the wreath of candles here!

Dec 14:  Make Christmas Decorations to be put out Christmas Eve

Dec 15: Watch “The Star”

Dec 16:  Hand out treats to our neighbors and friends

Dec 17:  Make a paper chain of the days left until Christmas filled with good deeds to do each day

Dec 18:  Call up our Families who live far away.

Dec 19:  Read the Story of the Nativity from our Children’s Books

Dec 20:  Read the Story of Jesus’ Birth from the Bible (Luke Chapter 2)

Dec 21:  Act out the Story of the Nativity

Dec 22:  Wrap gifts for those we love.

Dec 23:  Bake a Birthday Cake for Jesus!

Dec 24:  Decorate for Christmas.  Put out Baby Jesus in our Nativity after Church

This list is especially designed for the five and under crowd, because that’s what we have in this household at this time.

What are some other ideas for bigger kids?

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