Is your family growing and you’re in need of a double stroller?  Perhaps one that closes similar to umbrella strollers?  Let me tell you why the 3D two Summer Infant Stroller is the best choice.

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I guess technically this stroller is not considered an umbrella double stroller, but it collapses just like one and there’s a lot to be said for that.

Compact Double Stroller

Let me introduce you to the 3D two Summer Infant Stroller:

Why Is This the best Double Stroller for Your Growing Family?

1. It Collapses Small Enough to Fit in a Tight Trunk Space.

We didn’t necessarily know our family would grow the way it did.  We bought a Ford Explorer which we love, but we couldn’t fit all the kids and their carseats in without losing all our trunk space.  This was a major issue for many reasons.  For one we were forced to become minimalists when packing on our long journey to meet with family.  The other major issue was the fact neither of our strollers fit in the back.

Without a stroller our day trips to the zoo, the park, and even to extra curricular activities were miserably impossible.  Quickly, I went on the search to find the best stroller to accommodate our new life.  Why?  Because I could justify buying a third stroller over purchasing a bigger vehicle.  This stroller closes almost to the size of a one seater umbrella stroller!

Check out the video here on the Amazon Link:

2. It’s Easy to Open and Close.

I’m not just saying that to get you to buy this.  Everyone claims theirs is the easiest, but this one is by far the best option for opening and closing a stroller, in my opinion.  This umbrella double stroller is an easy two step process to open and again to close.  Opening I do need to hands, or one hand and a vehicle to prop the stroller against.  Collapsing the stroller with a baby, or a wriggling toddler in my hand is a cinch.  Easiest!  I promise!  Watch the video!

3. It’s Built Well and Sturdy

When I think of umbrella strollers I think of a rather flimsy thing, something cheap, and not worth much.  Don’t worry, this is not that type of stroller.  We have put a lot of miles on our stroller since we were gifted it last Christmas.  We take it EVERYWHERE and it likely gets used at least once a day.  That’s quite a bit!  This stroller holds two kids from four months on up (I’ve pushed my almost five year old in this as well) without fault.  The most we’ve put on these wheels is 65 lbs of kid plus the weight of our diaper bag.

4. It’s Simple to Drive Through Doors

This stroller takes up less space than our single stroller, both closed and open.  I’m constantly taking kids to swim lessons, gymnastics, or somewhere where I have to go in and out of doors on my own.  The slimmer design makes it easy for me to open the door and drive it on through.

It isn’t just slimmer, it’s short from front to back too.  There are a lot of double strollers out there that I categorize as the “Semi Trucks” of strollers.  This one feels like you’re pushing a single stroller, which makes it easier in the stores going through the clothing sections. Or around those wonderful people who stop in the middle of an aisle and forget they’re not the only ones there at that moment.  Hehe, I’m just stating facts and nothing else here.  I’m certainly not complaining about those type of people.  I am laughing, but I’ve been that person before, not often, but I have.

Can I brag about this thing any more?  Oh wait!  The wheels swivel well too!

What’s the One Thing it Doesn’t Do?

Alright, I must admit there’s just one thing this stroller isn’t designed for and that’s infants who can’t hold their head up on their own.  When I received this stroller as a gift off my wish list, I had a two month old.  I knew he wouldn’t be able to ride in it for a few more months.  I was okay with that, because I wear our babies at that age, and even if our family would grow again and we welcome another child into our life, I will NEVER move away from this double stroller.

You Have a Keen Eye!

As you can see, we keep one stroller hood off for convenient purposes.  It’s easy to put on and off and we keep laying flat in the car.  This stroller also has a detachable cup holder which we usually have on, however there is one location we can’t use the cup holder and that’s the locker room at swim lessons.  It’s generally too busy and too tight and though we never roll over anyone’s toes, the cup holder always gets hung up somewhere.  That’s to the detriment of the building design though, definitely not this wonderful umbrella double stroller!


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