Want to know how you can get your child involved in charity work?  Here’s a list of acts of charity work to do with your children.

Giving Thanks

During the month of November the world finally realizes it’s time to give thanks to God.  We see campaigns going on around Facebook of people sharing thirty days days worth of giving thanks.  I love this idea and I love it’s turned into a tradition, almost, throughout the world.  But is giving thanks the only thing we can do during this time?

Charity and Love are One in the Same

Of course not.  I’m here today to encourage you to make a vow to your children to teach them how to love… in a charitable way.  You see, charity and love go hand in hand.  When you do an act of charity for someone you are showing them love.  You’re actually getting the opportunity to show them God’s love, but we’ll focus on the relationship between person to person.

How Do I Teach Them To Love?

In many ways teaching our children how to love is easy because all we really need to do is lead by example.  However, even the best of parents fall short occasionally.  I don’t always model true love in front of my children.  As ashamed as I am to say it, it’s true.

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile now, you’ll know I strongly encourage selfless acts of service.  This could also be called charity.  In the blog post, During Hard Times, It is Okay to Choose You… I Did. I talk about serving your spouse, but now we’re going to discuss serving your neighbors.

Who are your neighbors?

They’re the people living next door, or those living across the ocean.  Some neighbors you know and some you don’t.  They could be homeless, or they could have riches.  Every person you meet is someone you can do an act of charity for, and here’s how.

Acts of Charity to do with children

Acts of Charity to Do With Your Children

Donate Clothes: Go through all the old clothes in the house.  Pick out one that no longer fit and have no stains.  Make a pile to take to a homeless shelter, a school with children in poverty, or a day care. Best practice is to allow your child to go through these clothes with you so they can see how much they’re giving.  Go a step further and consider purchasing some clothes for someone specific.

Pick Up Litter:  Whether you are at the park, or just walking through your neighborhood you can help your community out by picking up trash.  It’s best to wear gloves during this process for safety reasons, but go ahead and start beautifying the world.  You may as well start carrying small bags to collect trash in, because your kids will love making the world a better place.

Leave Things Better Than You Found Them: This is similar to picking up trash, but taken a step further.  If you’re at the library and you see someone has left a slew of books on the floor, put them up on a table or take them to the return section.  Maybe you noticed a spill and though maybe it won’t affect anyone’s day, you wipe it up because you have the time and are able.  There are many little things you will begin to notice.

Hold the Door Open: I love this one, because it isn’t just charity, it’s also humility.  Telling someone they’re important enough to go ahead of you is a grand gesture.  Our kids love holding the door for us as we bring in groceries, and doing it in public is a good way to teach social skills as well.

Pay for Someone’s Lunch:  I mentioned before about the schools in poverty areas.  These are a great place to pay for someone’s lunch.  Call the school and offer to pay money towards someone’s bill.  There are plenty of children who don’t need to worry about not getting nutritious food. Let your child be involved in choosing which school.
You could also just pay for the person’s lunch or coffee behind you in line.  Allow your kiddo to tell the cashier “We’d like to secretly pay for the gentleman’s meal behind us please.”

Make Cards to Bring to Nursing Homes:  You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone here.  Make the cards at home, but when you bring them to the nursing home, stop and say hello.  Often people are lonely and if we have time, we can make that person’s day.

Visit a Person Who Could Use the Company:  Before I mentioned about helping those who may have riches.  Why would they need help?  Someone who seems to have it all, may not feel like they have it all.  Talking with children can help someone who needs a good laugh, or even a gentle reminder of what’s truly important in life.

Make Dinner and Treats for Someone Who is Sick or Perhaps a New Mom:  Depending on the age of the child and their level of responsibility depends on how much they can help here.  Be safe.  Sometimes all they can do is watch you cook, talk about the person you’re giving the meal to, and help you deliver so they can see that person’s face upon receiving a special treat.

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