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“Building A Life Worth Nurturing” by Dana Wehde

I have no trouble admitting I have lived a broken life in the past.  It is my past that lead me directly to where I am now, though at one point I had to decide to make a drastic change.  It wasn’t the easiest to keep my eyes on the prize, but after I realized it was possible to create a better life for myself, it became very easy.

I found a way to begin building a life worth nurturing.

What does that word mean anyway… Nurture?  Think of how you nurture your children.  They’re precious gems in your eyes.  It’s imperative you allow them to blossom.  As a parent you help guide them through the broken times and even give them tools to fix what’s no longer working.

The same actions can be done for yourself.  You are deserving of that same sort of love, that nurturing love.  Allow me to help you get to that life worth nurturing!

Building a Life Worth Nurturing

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