Have you ever dropped an egg on the floor? 

Scoop up the egg with a sponge and a spatula (pancake turner) to get the majority of it picked up.  Then to clean what’s left, most likely the egg white, pour salt on it and it’ll be easier to clean.  Why?  Because the salt gives the egg somethings to grip (sort of).

Someone’s child use marker on your wood table?

Toothpaste will remove marker from the wood table.  No worries, and very little elbow grease in my experience.  I even used the kids’ purple batman toothpaste to clean up an orange sharpie mark.

Run out of laundry stain remover in the middle of laundry day?

Try using 409 in place of your stain remover… it’s a degreaser.  Don’t have any 409?  Go ahead and put a little of your laundry detergent in the spray bottle your stain remover was in.  Using detergent works just as well, however detergent is expensive, so I wouldn’t do this regularly.

Did you just find crayon on your wall?

Melt the crayon marks with a hair dryer and then wipe clean with a wet rag.  We used this technique on our much loved wood furniture.  The furniture we bought hoping to last us until we’re 90 or older.

Gunky, Greasy Kitchen Cabinets Anyone?

Ours our gross!  Grease from cooking coats the surfaces, so I’ll mix Vinegar and Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle.  Two parts warm vinegar (warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds) and one part Dawn.  It will be a little gel-like.   I then use an old toothbrush to scrub all that gunky stuff out of the corners of cabinet surfaces!  That is to say, I do that if I’m feeling spunky.

Brave enough to give your child, or husband, gum?

Peanut butter, or any nut based butter, works wonders on gum.  It breaks it apart to ensure you can easily pull it out of hair, and even off your clothes!

Can there be a method to the cleaning madness?

YES!!!  This will be a very handy tip for anytime you choose to take on cleaning a room or even your whole house at once.  Always clean top to bottom and left to right (simultaneously).  Top to bottom knocks all the dust and other yucky particles to the floor.  Left to right makes sure you don’t miss anything and that you’re cleaning doesn’t take ages.  Don’t just jump around sporadically, you’ll waste time.

Are your cleaning products even working?

Probably you need to let the product sit.  Reading the instructions on the back of your cleaner will prove most effective when cleaning.  This isn’t that strange of a tip until you consider how often you’ve read the instructions yourself.  Anything disinfecting would require at least a five or ten minute soak if not more.


Have any other fun tips?  I know there’s a ton more out there, and I love hearing about which ones work and which ones don’t.




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One thought on “Strange Cleaning Tips You May Find Interesting.

  1. Oh my goodness, this article is amazing. I honestly thought I was the only weirdo cleaning kitchen cabinets when feeling spunky and reading the label of disinfecting cleaners is so important. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the label when the bottle was empty and realized that I haven’t been using the cleaner correctly for the whole month or so…Crazy mom life.
    Thanks for sharing your cleaning tricks!

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