When I manage the clutter around me, I manage the clutter in my mind.  Cleaning is definitely a chore, and it is a chore I can flourish at one month, and then struggle with the next.  Like all things, keeping a clean home with children is a work in progress.  Busy weeks with emergencies, or sudden changes can leave my house in a disarray,  and it will sometimes take me a whole new month to get things back in order (because I don’t have somewhere for the kids to go and I don’t like to be cleaning the entire time I’m home with them).

This little schedule is just a guide.  You may have a better system, but some of us really don’t know where to begin.  I’d love to write a blog about throwing away the meaningless clutter someday, because that is where you really should start!  Cleaning up or around less stuff makes for quicker work.  I’d also have to write a blog post about how to get husbands on board with throwing things out, but I couldn’t as I haven’t figured that one out.

As it is, I do the best I can, and I expect you are doing the same.  If you try and you just can’t get it together to keep the house clean (probably because you’re busier than I am), then don’t hesitate to enlist help.  We momma’s were not made to multi-task to the extreme.  It used to be that everyone helped each other out in the village (thus the term: it takes a village), I’m not even certain what decade that stopped.  So consider hiring help for a one time deal to get you on the right track, or once a month so you can gain a little sanity.  We all enlist help somewhere, even those of us who feel alone.  You’re reading this blog right now, so I assume you’re seeking advice or help from someone (me), and hopefully I’m being of some service for you today!

Cleaning Schedule

Every Day:

The task of keeping a household can be daunting if you look at the big picture, but if you learn to compartmentalize, the chore of a clean home will become easier and more attainable.  If you are behind on cleaning then the everyday list will take some time at first, but after it has become habit for your family you’ll notice how easy it can become.

  1. Make Your Bed: Think of the how much cleaner a bedroom looks when the beds are made. Do this before you even begin to get ready for the day.  Be sure your kids make their beds too!
  2. Control the Clutter: Keep counters, end tables, dressers, or any flat surface that collects “stuff” cleared. That means making sure everything has a place.
  3. Go through the Mail: Open your mail promptly, throw away the trash, tend to the contents.
  4. Clean While You Cook: Just go ahead and start some soapy water and get out a fresh dish cloth. When you’re finished eating there will be loads less to clean up.
  5. Sweep the Floors: The last thing you should do in the evening is sweep the floors. Do the kitchen and the dining room. Then let that be your cue to relax for awhile and enjoy your family

Every Week:

These are the jobs we all dread.  Keeping things straight is one task, but actually cleaning is another.  You’ll notice there are 6 rooms that need to be done weekly plus a bonus weekly cleaning and there are 7 days in a week.  So make it easy on yourself and clean one room a day, if that works best for you.  If you’ve been keeping up with the every day chores, then these deep cleaning tasks will go much quicker than usual.  Create a schedule for yourself based on the demands of your day and the amount of time you think you’ll need to clean one of these rooms.  If you have the time, check two rooms off your list.  I mean I’d rather not clean seven days a week.

wipe all surfaces: counters, sinks, vent hood, appliances, even the cabinets | Wipe down the inside of the oven and microwave | Empty refrigerator of spoiled food | Dust light fixtures

Dining Room    
Dust (don’t forget the chairs & light fixtures)

Living Room:  
Vacuum furniture, rugs, and floors | Dust surfaces, objects, furniture, & light fixtures | Get rid of old magazines

Home Office:    
Go through papers, pay bills, and file paperwork | Empty trash bin | Dust

Change and wash the bedding | Clear off nightstands | Dust surfaces, objects, furniture, & light fixtures | Vacuum

Clean toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks | Wash Mirrors | Change bath mats/ towels/ and washcloths | Empty trash bin | Vacuum and scrub floors

Wash Windows/Mirrors and Mop Floors ( You could do this room by room and have two free days, but I sometimes prefer to get out a bucket of water to mop only once in a week)

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