My sisters will love this!  I’m the queen of imagination, and no one in my family will ever let me forget.  I had an imaginary friend growing up and it only got wilder from there.  It let me to my creativity, to all my hopes and dreams, and it pretty much defines me.  I love my imagination.

So I’m passing it down to my kiddos.  We’re playing hard, because at this age playing is learning.  Are you curious what I mean about teaching my children to play?  It means I get down at their level and play pretend right along with them.

Teaching My Kids to Play

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I play with princess figurines living in a Little People’s barn after they’ve escaped an enemies pirate ship.  I play, and they see me, and sometimes look at me with a little confusion.  “Who is this woman, I call mom?” “Why is she making the pirates swim away from my stuffed teddy?”  However they look at me, or think of me, they soon join in.  Then the next day, they’re busy playing the same exact scene until they throw in their own bits.

Playing is Learning

I sit down on the floor and build with the many Duplo blocks we have.  We made a dinosaur amusement park the other day.  Creating slides, bridges, and even a merry-go-round.  I’ve built it two or three times and now they build something similar but recently have added a trampoline!

Last week we played with our Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Shop!  We made a little stand from a small table and everyone took turns playing customers.  It was actually educational, but it also prompted us to have a real lemonade stand.  My daughter couldn’t stop talking about it and she requested making decorations for it! That was a riot!  You can actually read about that here.

Teaching them to play is important!

My personal imagination gets their creativity flowing!  Their minds are racing with new ideas once they see the things they might be capable of through play.  That’s the whole idea about playing with your children.  Even as they grow older.  They’re still watching you.  I recall some of my memories with my parents and can now see them as teaching moments.  When we see how alike we are (comparing myself to my parents) it’s not really a mystery.  I do things like them because I saw them do them first.  I learned a lot from them… my love for reading, creating, drawing, loving others, doing good deeds, building, love for nature, music, and making up words to my own songs.

What is stopping you from playing with your children today?

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Teaching My Kids to Play

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