If you’re homeschooling little ones or if you’re intending to teach your youngster math, we have a super easy lesson for you.  With very few materials and loads of possibilities your child can learn to add, subtract, count on and much more.You’ll need:

1 emptied egg carton (or more)
at least twelve pom poms

In the picture above you can see we have more than just these supplies for this activity, but they’re not necessary.  We added the tweezers just to help with fine motor skills while our kiddos are learning to grasp their pencils correctly.

Here we also used two egg cartons because we’ve already mastered counting and adding to twelve.  We’re working on counting on.

Counting On:
I ask my PreK kid, “What is twelve plus six?” She puts twelve in one egg carton and six in the other.  When I ask her how many are in the full egg carton she knows it’s twelve but if I ask her to add twelve and six she’ll count that twelve again as if she didn’t know.  It takes a lot of repetition, plus I have to repeat myself a hundred or more times, but after just ten minutes my four year old started to understand.

If you’re using just one egg carton it is simplest to use the top row for one addition number, and the bottom row for another.  For example, find the solution to three plus five.  Place three pom poms on the top row and then five pom poms on the bottom row.  Count how many pom poms there are total.  Using the top and the bottom rows just helps the child separate the numbers and let’s you visualize the problem clearly.


This one is the easiest because you fill your egg carton first.  Problem: ten take away four… Fill ten egg spacers with a pom pom then have your child take out four pom poms.  Keep the four just out of the egg carton so you can visually see how many was taken away.

Before we did any of the above, we first worked on counting.  We’re currently doing this with the two year old.  In this instance we just count each time we place a pom pom in the egg carton.

If you’re working on counting to twenty or higher you can use two egg cartons, or we did a more physical activity.  Our two year old is wild and she isn’t great at sitting still right now, so we had her run back and forth.  My older kiddos held a cup of pom poms on one side of the kitchen, and I sat on a stool on the other with an empty cup.  She ran back and forth grabbing a pom pom from her siblings and placing it into my cup and we all helped her count out loud.


Pom Poms are actually a fun toy and easy to clean up as well.

What else can you use pom poms for?

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