I saw this question written on one of my favorite blogger‘s Facebook page, and I couldn’t help but take it personally.  There wasn’t much more than that, no one quite understood what this person meant, but I made some assumptions (like I said, I took it personally).

Best practice is to give this comment, “Since when did being a SAHM (stay at home mom) become a hobby?” the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe she meant to write that on someone else’s page/comment.  Maybe she meant it in terms of support somehow.  I certainly hope so, but I felt it was an attack on entrepreneurial mothers, aka work-from-home moms, such as myself.I don’t need to justify myself, really, but I would like for you to understand who I am.

Being a mother is my number one goal.  I do most of my work while the kids are entertaining themselves or asleep.  90% of all my blogs are written while the kids are napping, already have gone to bed, or out of the house (does that happen? hmmm?) but occasionally I’ll sneak away to jot down an idea while the kids are entertaining themselves, but this blog is my side hustle!  By side hustle, I mean hobby.  If I don’t write for awhile you all will know it is because of my family, my children and my husband.

It was through learning to be a “better” mother that ultimately lead me to you.  I wanted to share this huge epiphany!  I can’t share with you about how I’ve become a better person, wife, and mother if I’m not living it everyday.  Motherhood is my career.  I would give all of this up in a heartbeat if I needed to for either my husband or my kiddos.  Nothing is as important to me than my family.

After saying that, though, I also have to say I enjoy writing.  I enjoy all my little hobbies that “take me away” for a few minutes.  I need that.  As women we all talk about self-care.  We see how we need to “fill our cups” and treat ourselves well in order to be fully present for our children.  What type of parent would I be if I wasn’t using all of my talents?  I choose to model a lifestyle that consists of being just a little bit better (at something) every single day.

Being a mom is tough enough, there are joys among the chaos, and there are strong willed children to teach, and motherhood looks differently on all of us, but there isn’t a handbook.  When we all get a chance to see others for they truly are… people doing their best in the world, we can begin to live happier.

I sincerely hope that comment wasn’t written hatefully because no one deserves that type of judgement, but if it was… she didn’t think it through.

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