We had a lemonade stand.
It was the sweetest gift.
We played with our friends outside,
Through the cool wind shift.

Fall is starting to approach
But lemonade still tastes great.
Let’s do it again tomorrow
After dinner has been ate.Hahaha!  That’s poor grammar, but I made that poem up off the cuff.

We really did have a lemonade stand the other day and we waited until the evening to do it.  The lemonade was fresh squeezed and our customers seemed surprised it tasted good and they would like it.  The kids had fun hollering “Lemonade” at all the passerbyers , we gave them play money to purchase their drink and we learned about business perhaps.  Well, maybe we’ll learn about business next time.  It was a blast

We squeezed the juice from 5 whole lemons.

Next we added 4 cups of water (1 quart).

Then the kids stirred as I poured in about two cups of sugar.
(I know that sounds like a lot, but it really wasn’t too sweet)

Next we added 8 more cups of water (2 quarts)

*Add more sugar if it’s not sweet enough.
*Add more water if it’s too sweet

The hard truth is, we eyeballed and taste tested to get the recipe right.  Not all lemons are alike.

We topped it off with some ice to keep it cold while we went outside to market!IMG_7772IMG_7779IMG_7783_1IMG_7805

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