I’m embarrassed by the recent discoveries hidden deep inside the Catholic church, but it doesn’t discredit my faith.  I’ve always known there was a strong distaste for my religion among other faiths.  I grew up with many people asking me question after question.  But when stuff like this happens, the knowledge of sex abuse from practicing priests, the coverups, it doesn’t shake my faith in God or even in Catholicism, it shakes my faith in humanity.

The devil has been working on people of great faith since the beginning of time.  He worked on Jesus Christ as well, and as He was a perfect man he did not buckle.  That is an example He set for all of us to follow.  These priests aren’t perfect, they’re not God, they’re human.  Humans fall into sin.  What these priests, bishops, and the like did are solely because they didn’t reject Satan.  We aren’t here to judge them.  In fact, we’re called to act.

Our church is burning down, and everyone has come to see the roaring flames.  It’s all over the news, but we shouldn’t just stand by watching.  We should help put out the flames.  Why would we let our Catholic faith burn alive by doing nothing?  We can help put out the flames, help others see this does not define our faith, and be examples of what it really means to be Catholic.

We should not make excuses for this type of behavior, but demand to be respected as people of the faith.  If you feel the need to turn away from the Catholic church because someone you believed could do no wrong did indeed do wrong, in the most atrocious way, then you must have been following that person, not God.  Follow God and His teachings.

There are many people who struggle with all sorts of sin, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know the message God’s sending us.  I sin, probably everyday, but I know what God wants from me.  I know how I’m supposed to act, it comes down to my virtues.  It comes down to my know how.  It comes down to my will power, but I KNOW the message.

Sometimes those who are preaching a subject do so because they need it the most.  I do that in my blogs.  I need every one of my blog posts.  I know how to keep a tidy home, and yet I don’t always do it.  I know how to keep calm during crisis situations, but I don’t always do it.  My list goes on and on.  My point being, we all have something to work on.  If you don’t, then go right ahead and throw your stones.

Catholic church may have failed us, but it’s teachings did not.  Yes it is better to lead by example.  We’re very quick to forgive ourselves when we don’t teach our children by example.  “Do as we say, not as we do.” we’ll say with a subtle laugh.

So it is your turn to act.  How will you show our beautiful faith to others around you.  How will you believe in the teaching of the church though you’ve been let down?  How can you help put out the flames?


Pray with me:
Heavenly Father, look upon our community of faith which is the Church of your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to witness to his love by loving all our fellow creatures without exception. Under the leadership of the Holy Father and the Bishops keep us faithful to Christ’s mission of calling all men and women to your service so that there may be “one fold and one shepherd.” We ask this through Christ, our Lord.



***I’ve edited this to add, I wish to see any person conducting this horrific crime punished at the full extent of the law.

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