I love kids!  Do you love kids?  My kids are beautiful human beings who love to help.  They try and help with every little thing I do, even when I work on blog posts.  One little human helped so much they erased my recording of this interview… so this Women of Grace will be a tad different, but still good!

I met Lisa through her business on Facebook.  She’s the head honcho over at Farmhouse on Boone.  I admired her for running a successful business and raising a family.  A family of seven, can be a major feat in itself, but then add in a business.  She then intrigued me further when I read through her blog posts and found she and her husband made their beautiful home while staying debt free!  That’s not all though, through the business her husband finally was able to leave his job to stay at home.  They’re a team, the way God most likely intended spouses to be, in all areas of their lives.


Lisa lives in the town of Troy, MO.  I was astonished to hear their sweet little farmhouse was on a street I’d driven over a million times in my life.  Their home is full of life with children running inside and out.  There’s nothing chaotic about your entry into the house.  One might imagine with five young children things would be cluttery, kids might be whining or crying.  It felt like a home to live in, and home to grow in.  It felt just the way I hope people feel when they’re in my home here in Tulsa, OK.

Partly this was due to the decor.  Looking through the images on the Farmhouse on Boone page you’ll notice the light and airy feel.  There is nothing out of place, and there was nothing extra.  It’s a minimalist approach to living small in this large world.

So we sat down and I asked:  Is there a secret you’d like to share about balancing working at home alongside your everyday home life?  Her response were words every mother needs to hear.  She devoted her time effectively.  The family could not suffer for Lisa to succeed in the business.  Her words were something like this, “I quickly realized I could accomplish a lot from 8pm to 12am”  After putting her children to bed, Lisa could then work diligently on her in home business.  She would put in long hours because her work and her family were important to her, and she also knew she wouldn’t have to do it that way forever.


After just one year of setting a goal to blog full time and a goal for her husband to be set free from his obligation to work outside the home, they made it.  Lisa mentioned to me the importance of setting goals for herself.  She made an added effort to blog a certain amount of time per week.  She put in the time (as mentioned above) to make her dream a reality, because she could see the immediate benefit her family would be granted.

Can you imagine living in a family where both parents are available to you nearly 24/7?  What would it be like getting to see your Mom and your Dad working together, teaching you together, getting more face time with both parents?  What would that be like for you?


I know my husband loves all the hugs and yelps for joy he receives upon his arrival home from work, but at the same time that same experience can be exhausting.  I know a woman whose husband came home and took a ten minute walk to be alone before he walked through the door to his children.  He’d already had a full day of conversations and mental drainage, so it wasn’t easy for his personality type to walk through the door just to be touched, and talked at some more.

So my admiration for this family goes beyond a mother of five holding down a successful internet business while also running her household.  I admire their love of being a family.   This is a family that plays together.  They’re all learning along side one another through homeschooling and running a business.  You know these children are learning a great amount of work ethic, and will know what it takes to make something difficult work in the end.  This family is working together.  Go ahead and checkout her blog, you’ll see her daughters have started their own YouTube channel.  They have a garden out back, and the daily chores every family does together.  With chickens in the yard, and dreams of having a small goat farm, we can only reason that in keeping our family together and building that strong relationship with one another, we can accomplish much.


What do you want to accomplish today?

What would you like do that you might have been scared to do before?

What type of life style are you witnessing?


I’m regretful for my lack of actual quotable interview for this segment, but honestly we don’t need it, because Lisa shares herself through her webpage.  Go and take a look.

Webpage: https://www.farmhouseonboone.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farmhouseonboone

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farmhouseonboone/



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