Teach your child to write without being a dictating teacher. This plan is great for the mom who wants to inspire her children to learn without the usual paper and pencil. These few unique ways will get your children talking about letters, shapes, numbers, etc. while teaching their hands the muscle memory of writing.

Did you know Kindergarten is still considered optional in some states.  Oklahoma isn’t one of them, but my home state of Missouri is.  I’d be willing to bet soon preschool won’t be optional anymore.  We are pushing our children out of our care all too quickly, in my opinion.  I’m hardly the one who likes to push my kiddos before they’re ready.  I love watching my children to be creative, and learn through daily activities.  I will never force my kids to learn a skill be they’re ready to learn.  So why would I teach my child to write before Kindergarten?

I’m teaching my children everyday.

I teach through modeling, through reading, through speaking, and most importantly through play.  I consider it a win my children love to go to school.  The moment they begin to dread waking up for it is when I feel I will take it as a personal failure.  Learning is so fun!  I’ve enjoyed learning in the past ten years, much more than I did when I was forced into school.  I missed out on so much by not wanting to be there.  So we play.  We create.  We get out the paper, the markers, the scissors, and more.  Our play is very intentional.  Today we played while learning some pre-writing skills.

If you think writing can only be done with pen(cil) and paper you’re living in a box.

Think outside your box to see how fun learning can be for your children.  We have only touched on a few activities, tomorrow we may do even more.

Rainbow writing!

Write out your child’s name for them and let them trace it with all the colors of the rainbow.  Let them use markers, crayons, pencils, whatever they want.  Don’t choose colors for them.  Don’t worry if they’re not tracing properly.  Just smile at their attempts.IMG_7733

Writing with Yarn!

We decided to get our hands dirty and use glue.  My gal put glue on in the shape of the letter and then placed the yarn on the glue.  Poor girl hates having her hands dirty so she wiped her hands each time she got glue on them.  This took a ton of patience for me because we gave her a LONG name.  However, she was most proud of herself and asked to hang it in her bedroom after it dried.  Which we did!IMG_7740

Salt Letters!

I tried this activity thinking the kids would get tired of it quickly.  The four year old enjoyed it so much she didn’t care her siblings were watching a movie in the other room.  We poured salt in a baking pan.  I had some course sea salt I hadn’t used in a long time, but I’m sure you could use any kind of salt.  She wrote letter after letter, then drew shapes, and then animals, and so on and so on.  She would ask me what letter I wanted her to make, so I placed some pantry items in front of her and asked her to choose letters from the packaging.
* I hate waste, and so I used a baking pan that came with a lid and I’ll store this activity in the pantry for a little while, but you can probably transfer the salt to a plastic zip up bag.  In fact, you can probably lay the bag flat and do this activity with no mess by tracing letters and moving the salt from the outside of the bag.IMG_7745

Driving through Words!

My son, who has a much smaller name (He’ll thank me someday) loves driving cars, so we made his name into roads.  He drove and drove and played.  Then after watching big sister he decided he needed some markers too.  Not once did I give him any directions.  I just said, this word spells your name.  What is your name?”  Then we said each letter together out loud.IMG_7728


What did the two year old do through all of this?  Well since she can’t be left out on all the fun, she scribbled.  She was writing like a big kid, and filled her page with all sorts of colored marking.  I told her how much I loved each color, and pointed out certain marking that resembled a circle or the letter X.  She was beaming with pride, because I never corrected her form or told her what to do.  It’s called learning through doing.IMG_7735
She used the red marker for lipstick at one point.  I can only assume since I didn’t see it happen.

Why do I teach writing before Kindergarten?  Because learning is fun and messy!

We plan on trying a few more activities.  Shaving cream, food coloring, paint…

What else can we try?

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