What does it mean when we’re asked to obey?  What does God ask of us when we’re instructed to obey our husbands?  What should we really be expecting from our children when we ask them to obey?  It isn’t want I initially thought, that’s for certain.

We have a lovely ministry at our church.  There is a group of mothers with young children who gather together for a bible study or prayer group.  We congregate with kids in tow and it’s beautiful.  This past week we welcomed our parish priest to come talk about virtues, and I was blown away!  I was blown away and I didn’t even get to hear the whole talk thanks to a few, maybe three, kids who needed to use the restroom one at a time, and were having trouble sharing toys, but still so good.

First of all, our priest is remarkably intelligent.  I don’t know how he knows the things he does, but saying he’s smart is a major understatement.  He point blank asked the group of ladies to define the word obey.  In my mind I answered, to do as your told.  He said, “The word obey means to listen deeply.”

“The word obey means to listen deeply.”

Now think about that in terms of obeying your husband.  It feels a lot less submissive and I don’t have this  knee jerk reaction when I hear the words.  Obeying doesn’t mean just doing what you’re told.  You should never just do as you are told, because your actions will be directly related to your consequences, no one else’s.  If I listened deeply to my husband, I would hear more than just his words.  I could hear his intentions, I would hear his emotions, I could listen for his concerns, and much more.

When we ask our children to obey us as parents, would we be satisfied if they listened intently to us?  Or do we really just want them to do as we say without question?  As much as I think about how nice it would be for at least one child to follow directions immediately every single time with a smile on their face, I’d eventually be let down that I was raising a person to be pawn in life, never standing for a belief, never giving a care to what’s right and just.  I’d be disappointed in that child once they reached adulthood, and I’ve have the misfortune of watching others abuse her.  Think on that.

Now it’s time to take it a little deeper.  Let’s discuss our relationship with God.  Does God reside in you?  Yes, he lives within our spirits, our hearts, and our bodies.  How are we hearing God?  Is it clear? Are you obeying Him, or are you assuming “this” is what He means?  Separate yourself from the world, from the chaos in your home and in your mind.  Go find a quite place to listen every so often throughout the day (not week, not every other day, EVERYDAY)  If you can do that, you will hear God speaking to you and telling you what His will is for you.  That is what it is like to form a true relationship with Our Father in Heaven.  Obey the Lord; listen deeply

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way…”

Interesting right?

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