I’m the World’s Okay-est Mom,

You should read this blog if your perfect Motherhood looks a little imperfect.  If you’re like me, you try very hard, and then some days you just can’t.  No matter the reason, be it the need to be lazy, or feeling under the weather, you’re still a perfect mom.  How do I know?  You’re reading this.  That tells me you’re trying to do something well in your life. 

I make quality breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner,
but sometimes I burn it because I get distracted playing pretend with the toddler.

The plan is to deep clean something everyday,
except when I’m tired and I’m tired a lot.

The laundry is done every evening,
but I don’t always iron the clothes.

I get the kids up and ready to start the day,
occasionally, they stay in pajamas and don’t brush their teeth until 2pm or 3pm.

Homemade food is best for our family,
but the thought of cooking and cleaning can make up my mind to grab drive-thru dinner.

The goal is to play actively all day without wanting to watch T.V.
but some days we’re lazy and watch movies together on the couch.

I know yelling at my children to hurry up and out the door is more harmful than good,
but my patience wears thin easily and my moth is quick to bark.

Brushing before bedtime is part of our bedtime procedure,
but when I remember after they’re all tucked in bed, I don’t worry about it anymore.

There’s More…

Rules in our house should be constant so there’s no question what is expected of them,
but I’ve turned a blind eye and acted as I didn’t see anything so as not to scold… yet again.

I’ve never let my children eat cake for breakfast, or ice cream.
Absolutely have not given in to a child’s tantrum.
And I’ve certainly never used the tablet to quiet someone down.
Wait, yes I have, but hopefully not often enough they’ll remember.
They’ll remember won’t they?

My children clean up their messes every night before bed,
Most nights, maybe, but certainly not every night, and I go behind them doing it right, anyway.

I ‘d like to be a good example on how to be a healthy human being,
but I drink soda, I like sugar, and don’t exercise enough.

I may have only bathed the kids once this week.

The children are not allowed to eat snacks in the family room,
but sometimes I allow it… I always regret it too.

The plan is to say prayers at bedtime,
but I’m forgetful, embarrassingly forgetful.

I cloth diaper regularly,
except when I don’t

I don’t always wash the bottle/cup before making something new to drink.

I’ve let my son where his sister’s clothes and vice versa,
because no one really knows except for me.

and I’ve caught my toddler playing with scissors.

I’m the world’s okay-est mom

I’m the world’s okay-est mom, and I’m totally good with that!  I do my best, except when I don’t.  I give myself grace, and I strive to be better.  Some days I succeed, and some days I survive.  I’m not trying to be a fake, I’m human and everyone has something they need to work on, right?


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