Treat Yourself? or Treat Yo-self?  Parks and Rec anyone?

10 techniques for re-energizing your life!

Some mommas work outside the home, and some work inside, but all of us have busy, jam-packed lives, even those who feel on top of every minute of everyday.  I love that feeling at the end of the day when I know I’ve put in my best work to get all my tasks complete and watch my kids enjoy their day, and especially when I’ve gotten to be the major source of their joy!  Sometimes, though, it is exhausting, even when it’s all going well.  Some days I just need to set my “reset button”.

There’s only one person you’ll be with for the entirety of your life, and that’s you.  Treat yourself well.

Ever lady needs to hit pause once in awhile and do a little something to rejuvenate themselves.  Some days all we need is something small, and other days require much more time to get back to where we feel as if we have the power to live life to it’s fullest once more!  That’s all we want, really, isn’t it?  We just want to love our time here on earth, put in the hard work, and enjoy each day God gave us.  Let’s begin with the end in mind.  We know what we want, need really, and here’s how we’re going to get there.

  1. Go for a run.  This won’t work with everyone, but sweating and pushing your body in new ways (than your usual everyday grind) can be very uplifting.  If running isn’t your thing, then go for a walk or ride a bike.  Whether running, walking, or biking you can see the secrets of your neighborhood, explore a new area, and see, hear, and feel God’s beauty in nature.
  2.  Grab a coffee, or a drink, with a pal.  This works for me every time.  Recently, I met with my friend Katie while back home visiting.  I hardly have time for my friends, in fact this last time I missed one of my closest gal pals.  I had to make extra plans to make this visit happen.  I was beaten down and sort of grumpy; I didn’t even know it until I got there and seemed to take over the conversation with my complaints.  Anyway, talking things out, and realizing our lives aren’t so different, and hearing how God has worked in her life, and so on and so on gave me some newfound energy.  Whether you have deep conversations, reminisce on the past, or just talk about the whether, you’re smiling faces help give you the energy you need to press forward.
  3. Start/Finish a project.  This works in the right scenario.  Right noow I’m beginning to sew.  I am in the midst of making a dress for one of my girls.  I’ve created my own pattern, and I’m learning something new along the way.  It is somewhat of a struggle since I’m adding it into my daily routine and I have little ones bursting through our bedroom door grabbing scissors or pins when I think I’ve got them in a safe place.  Yikes!  But looking at the (almost) finished product is so rewarding.  For me, creating something with my hands is a gift!
  4. Bake.  I’ve loved baking bread as therapy.  In fact, watching other people enjoy something you made for them is what you might call the icing on the cake (Pun intended).
  5. Garden.  If breaking bread with friends reaps in the rewards then certainly eating the food you grow will, or even looking at the beautiful blooms in your flower beds.  Growing plants feels a lot like growing children to some, in the respect that it isn’t easy, and you just want to make sure they make it out alive. Too far?  I’ve recently noticed I’ve been comparing, metaphorically, my gardening, pruning, watering, and the like, to my life in general.  It wasn’t therapeutic in the beginning, but now it certainly is!
  6. Learn something new.  I’m always learning and it always prompts me to desire more knowledge.  I learn from doing, hence the sewing, the baking, the gardening, and I learn from reading.  I read on homeschooling, on negotiation, on saints, on parenting, on having a better marriage, etc.  Knowledge gives me power, but don’t stop here, maybe you should take a class, learn a new language, maybe ask your husband to teach you something.  The point is, you are still growing, with plenty of years left to learn something new, and I don’t believe God wants you to waste any of your talents.  No matter if your 95 or 25 you had better be exploring something to learn something new.
  7. Form a group.  It isn’t easy, and it may not be for you, but hear me out.  I recently became a leader of a bible study group.  Leading is tough, but being a team member really isn’t.  Every other Tuesday I get to sit with a group of ladies who also wants to gain a bit of knowledge, who are all mothers, and who lead lives I admire.  Truth be told, none of us are alike, but none of us are really different.  I’ve been comforted by knowing groups of women.  It keeps me sturdy when I tend to feel weak, but mostly, my little group brings me happiness and when I leave after just one hour, I’m collected, and ready to greet whatever chaos greets me at my front door.
  8. Read a book.  Getting lost in a novel is like living in a dream.  I’m a dreamer, so that’s a joyous occasion for me.  Reading the newspaper or a magazine can help you get your mind off of the things you’re carrying around your shoulders.  And since knowledge is power, reading for knowledge can help too.  Read!  Plus, it is great to read leisurely in front of your kids.  It teaches them to love reading, or to use it as a source of relaxation.  Two birds: one stone.
  9. Take a nap.  Maybe I should have mentioned this first, but it was sort of obvious, wasn’t it.  Catch a few winks if you can, on the weekends or however you feel you can fit it in.  Maybe a nap really means sleeping in one morning, or going to sleep early one evening.  Extra sleep does amazing things to our minds, bodies, and souls, and yet we seem to always try and escape it!  Put your to-do lists down, stop thinking about the day ahead and also the days behind you, stop feeling like you should be doing something, and just close your eyes.  You’ll thank yourself when you wake up.
  10. Plan for your dreams.  Eek!  I saved the best for last (my opinion).  I mentioned being a dreamer.  What I love to do is draw up house plans (thank you Dad!), plan a big get together and imagine everyone having the time of their lives, create a lesson plan for my children (remember I dream of homeschooling), pick out baby names for future kids (even if the chances are slim…it’s a dream), turn on the music and sing as if I were on stage,  practice my curtsy because I’m living in a dream world and everything’s perfectly perfect… basically I’m as pleasant as Snow White.  You know your dreams, you don’t need mine, but just imagine, and that little bit of hope may take you much further than you could ever expect.
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