This homemade bread recipe has come out perfectly for me every single time.  Try it today and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can master the art of homemade bread. Beginners welcome.  No Dairy variation.

Why Not Master Homemade Bread Today?

Christmas of 2016 I made a goal to embark on a journey of mastering the art of making homemade bread.  I was offered a family recipe handed down through generations and the rest was up to me.  If you’ve made bread before, you’ll understand the recipe is only the half of it, in terms of making it come out the way you imagine. 

This Recipe has moved to St. Martha’s Pantry. We hope you’ll enjoy this new extension of St. Martha’s Lens where you can find all of our favorite recipes.

homemade bread recipe

Practice Makes Perfect

Though making bread seems daunting, do not get discouraged. Even the loaves during my “practice” periods tasted great. It was mostly about getting the bread super soft instead of crumbly. I’m encouraging you to practice, practice, practice. You won’t regret making bread… even if it isn’t perfect the first time.

Plan Your Meals Well

Loaves of bread are a good staple to add into your meal planning. Meal planning doesn’t have to be hard. Check out our method here.

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