Yesterday I wrote on teaching our children to be humble.  Today I’m coming to you with a list of encouraging words to give you children as they’re working alongside of you. 

Being a team player is an important part of being humble and being in a family unit.  It feels good to see your children make their own beds.  I feel accomplished when I see them clear their places at the table without being told, but do they know how I feel?  Do my children know I want them to be proud of their work too?  Do they feel they’re doing something to help someone else?  How should they know, if we don’t encourage them.

Side note:  Did you notice I didn’t particularly care if my kids knew I was proud of them?  Of course, I hope they’ll know by my actions and I don’t mind telling them too, but at this age I think it wise to encourage them to be proud of themselves.

Here is a list of phrases you can use to encourage your children…

What a worker!
You Catch on real fast!
You’re a trooper, or at least you work like one!
I appreciate your being helpful!
That looks like it’s going to be a great job!
Keep you chin up!
This is much better!
Keep up the good work!
Look at how you’re growing!
You’ve being extra independent!
You’ve just about got it!
You must have been practicing!
Way to go, kiddo!
That’s it!  You’re on the right track!
You’ve got the hang of this, don’t you?!
Wow, you really stick to your job!
I love the way you’re working!
You are learning so much!

Encouraging your children is much different than giving them a compliment.  You’re noting their effort and hard work.  This is best practice because even if the end product is mediocre, our children are putting in the work to learn something new or accomplish something bigger than they’ve done before.  It is an amazing growth opportunity.

Praising them for a job well done is fun too… even if they haven’t mastered everything just yet.  Here are some words of praise and compliments to help you change it up a bit.

You’ve got it!
An elegant job!
Applause is due!
You deserve a gold medal!
Take a bow, you did it!
Amazing work!
You have skills, kid!
Thank you very much!
Your contribution adds beauty!
Right on!
You perform like a champion!
This room is fit for a queen!
Isn’t it nice to have the work finished?
You really outdid yourself!
This reflects hard work!
This is one in a million!

Is it okay to offer rewards?  I don’t know for sure, really.  I know everyone works for a paycheck (except me… except stay at homers… we work for free… and hugs), but we all work for some incentive I suppose.  In my unprofessional opinion, my opinion as a mom and a teacher, incentives such as a fun break can be more beneficial than a snack, item from the store, or other tangibles.  Probably the best incentive to give your child when he or she has done an astounding job is to give them yourself.  Read with them, sing with them, dance with them, play with them.  Play dolls, pirates, board games, cards, hide and seek…  You know what they like.

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