Have you ever felt your husband and you just don’t see eye to eye on things.  Did you ever think on how different you are and wonder why God would have put your together?  I have.  I struggle with seeing my husband as a complete opposite and that being the reason we can’t get along when I consider our marriage to be struggling.  More recently, though, I’ve realized we aren’t so different.

Just like the fight between Democrats and Republicans seeing one another as extreme and polar opposites, I too see my husband as someone who is nothing like me.  If you dig a little deeper though, you’ll realize your neighbor who is the opposite political party than you, isn’t so different at all.  You may only disagree on one subject, not your whole life’s purposes.  The same is true for our relationships with those who we see as opposites to us… my husband, in this case.

After realizing this epiphany, I came up with some questions to discuss with him more often.  This list of questions may need to be addressed a few times in our lifetime and quite possibly a few times a year.  It just depends on your marriage, I suppose.  Maybe this is a set of questions you should be asking your fiance.

10 Questions to Ask Your Spouse.

  1. What is your role as a husband? father?
  2. What is my role as a wife? mother?
  3. What is God’s role in our lives? (individual, family, marriage)
  4. What are some family goals we have?
  5. How do we attempt to achieve these said goals?
  6. What do we want for our children when they’re college bound age?
  7. When our children are grown and gone, where should we be?
  8. What can we learn from our parents/ grandparents?
  9. How can we strive to be better?
  10. How do we continue to love unconditionally, forever?

Communication is hard, especially when you and your spouse think differently.  Use these questions as a guideline to get you talking.  You’ll be surprised in how many areas you’re actually seeing the same.  You’ll be able to look at your future just a bit brighter after discussing some of these points.

Added Tip:  Don’t just ask the questions, really listen.  The answers should bring more questions of interest because you should indeed be interested in your spouse.  Above all, LISTEN!  Listening is harder than it seems: don’t interrupt, don’t be thinking on your rebuttal, and don’t ignore what is important to him.

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