Nearly everything I see, hear, or read out in the “real world” is about how to take control of your life, or how to heal yourself from this, that, or the other.  It’s time we stop reaching inside ourselves to be our own heroes.  It is time we stop thinking about how great we are to be the person we are all because of these remarkable decisions we’ve made in our lives.  It just isn’t the truth.

I hope you’re reading on from the blog post “How DO you DO it?” if not, well I suppose you’re missing out.

Your life is not yours even though all the songs suggest they are, Thank You Billy Joel (I really love this song by the way, I just think there’s a mixed message.), and I’ll admit my dad trying to teach me this lesson while I was in the middle of enjoying this song, was so annoying, but I’ve since grown up.  God has given us this life as a gift, but He didn’t give it to us so we’d forget Him and do precisely what we want without giving anyone (ehem, God) an extra thought.

My wonderful husband, who will most likely hate that I’m going to discuss him right now (so perhaps you should all say a prayer for me), is super successful.  He is extremely intelligent, and he also has a boat load of common sense.  I don’t know many people who have both.  When you grow up believing you’re the reason you’ve made it thus far, then that little red devil on your right shoulder will trick you into believing God didn’t have a hand in it.  I’m not sharing this with you to lead you on that my husband doesn’t believe God is there helping him along the way.  I assure you He does, but it is evident when my husband doesn’t accomplish something he sets his mind towards (and it doesn’t happen often) he will beat himself up about it because he can’t understand why he didn’t succeed when he played his part practically perfect.

God doesn’t care if you do all things in your life practically perfect, if it doesn’t go along with His bigger picture for you.

In feeling that I’ve bad mouthed my husband in someway, I will share my circumstances with you instead of harping on him.  If this is the only post you’ve read from my blog, then you should be made aware my biggest struggle is my desire to have more children.  This consumes most of my days because I have children and I love them and I want to give them everything I have and that always leads me down the road of feeling God’s pull to have more.  However I’ve been met with a major road block.  My husband is not on board.  I pray, I try my hand at patience, I’m working on my self-control, and so on and so on.  I very much feel like Moses going to free the slaves from Pharaoh.  My emotional and spiritual points feel so small next to my practically perfect husband’s sound and practical view.  I just can’t shake this feeling of not doing what God is asking of me, but then I think, is God asking me to do it right this minute or is that my thing?  I’m not in control here.  If God is asking this of us, then He’ll allow us to see His plan in good time, but NOW just isn’t the time.  Knowing that, should indeed help me feel better, but I feel so out of control.

Control!  That word creeps into my life worse than a bad habit.  Why can’t we, and I’m including myself here, just be okay with not having control?

  1. We’re afraid of being used.  So what?  If someone uses you, but you did everything right in the name of God, you should still be proud of yourself.  That doesn’t mean you have to let people use you all of the time, we learn who we can trust and who we can’t, but being humble and not having control can lead us closer to God.
  2. We’re afraid of letting go of the future.  We think we know what is best for us.  If we get the desired job, we’ll have the best future going forward: more money, more time, more things to buy that create happiness (vacations, fun toys, cool experiences).  God may beg to differ.  Has there ever been a time when we didn’t want something more than what we have now?  I mean I’ve shared my story above so I have to say YES.
  3. We don’t know how to surrender. This is what it all boils down to, right here.  We need to understand that surrendering our control gives us so much more power.  Surrendering, when done right, is so calming and peaceful.  That sense of peace is what literally gives you the power.  You also allow for clearer thought processes, word formation, and with that… power.  I’ll give you a big hint here: Surrender yourself to God, and find peace.  Become peaceful and you’ll know whether or not you’re doing as God wants you (adding in a little prayer there too).

So much fear comes with that crazy word, I’m beginning to realize just what it means to be in control all of the time.  It must mean we’re afraid.  It’s okay to be afraid every now and then.  We can’t be brave if we aren’t first afraid, so consider being brave in the area of control, and allow God to guide you in the proper direction, His proper direction, just in case there was any question on who’s in control now.


Should we stop making all of these great decisions that help lead us to our successes (personal, career, family, spiritual, what-have-you)? Absolutely NOT.  Those talents you have, He gave you.  God wants you to use them.  Just don’t be afraid to stop and heed His advice, hear His call, or take a risk in His name.  Making the practically perfect life for yourself is okay.  I mean it is alright to head in that direction, just stop and take breath once and awhile and consider asking God what He has in store for you.  Don’t ignore Him in your journey to take “control” over your life, or should I say the life He gave you.

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