I sometimes get these backwards compliments, or maybe they’re far from compliments, I don’t know.  Some comment will be made in my direction asking, “How do you do it?”

It is no secret I have four children, currently four years and younger.  It is well known I’m a stay at home mother struggling to build a community of people in place of my family who is a mere six to seven hours away by vehicle.  I say I’m struggling to build my community, but that’s sort of a lie.  I’ve made many friends.  I’ve made friends who are more than willing to help with anything I ask of them.  I can count a multitude of blessings in this particular area, but sometimes it feels like a struggle.  It tends to feel this way because for one, building this community is taking a long time (it’s like first your “date” a friend, then you have to “couples date” to make sure your spouses are in too. and then the hardest part… “family dates”  sometimes the kids just don’t mesh) and for the second reason family is just ultimately irreplaceable, no matter who jumps in your life, no one knows you as well as your families.

So back to this weird “compliment.  When someone asks “How do you do it?”  I have to chuckle and respond with, “I don’t.”  Typically, they feel annoyed, but I honestly don’t do any of it alone.  I may look like I’m by myself, but if you’ve been following the blog awhile, you’ll understand me when I say this: He is helping me “do it.”  God is the only reason I get through any of my days with even a glimpse of success.  I owe everything to the Almighty.  “Oh” you say, “Of course you do” (with a slow roll of your eyes) “so what you’re really saying is, you just sit back and relax and God does this or that and your day is perfect. Awesome! I’m so glad I asked you, and NO, there’s no hint of sarcasm in this response.” Blah!  It all sounds too perfect and too unreal to believe. Right?

Let me break it down for you.  I have days when I ignore God in many or all ways.  Those days are the days I complain the most and get nothing accomplished all while feeling crummy to the nth degree.  So stop ignoring God and you’re days will be brighter even when they’re set up to be ridiculously difficult.  Why do you think you have to do it alone?  Who told you, you’re in control of your day?

How to literally stop ignoring God:

Tip #1 Pray.  I mean like more than once, and probably more than just your meal prayers you typically say out of habit.
Tip #2 Gratitude.  Thank the Lord for anything going well in your life.  Just yesterday I glared at my son and gave thanks for giving me the self control to use his hitting his sister as a teachable moment instead of screaming at him and placing him in time out as I do 85% of the time (I’m a work in progress, remember).  Good heavens, if you have to, say thanks for putting on your bra that day or brushing your teeth before noon.
Tip#3 Trust.  This sometimes just looks like “Keeping My Cool”.  When life is going haywire, I have to slow it down and Trust that God is going to see me through it.
Tip #4 Sing.  It is another form of prayer.  When I’m singing about the good things, or the songs that make me think of fond memories and such, I’m singing His praises.  Always remember God is the reason for your happiness.

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