I know I am human, and humans are sinners.  I’ll admit how hard it is to do the right thing, and I’ll admit I’ve taken the easy way out more often than I wish to admit.  I know I honor God through my daily activities, however there are a few things I do I’m fairly certain disappointment overwhelms His emotion towards me.  The trouble is, I’ve been doing it for far too long.  I’ve created a poor habit, and habits are hard to break.

When we think about honoring God we think on the levels of mind, body, and spirit.  This particular vice I hold is that of the body, in particularly.  Before you become too shocked and fret over what you’re about to read, I promise I am not writing about anything regarding sexual immorality.  This, of course, is usually the one topic popping up in our heads when we think of honoring God with our bodies.  This is not about that.

There are several ways to show Him honor and praise, but this particular post is about being healthy and living well.  I can say with great certainty I have an addiction to soda.  I rarely go without one.  I haven’t quit because I have no desire to quit.  I thoroughly enjoy the taste.  However, soda is fine in moderation, I’m not practicing self-control enough to consider the amount I drink moderation.  I know it is harmful to me, because I’m not feeding it to my children.

God has given me this one body, and he is asking me to take care of this body, and that really is an incredible responsibility.  This is where “easy” gets people like me in trouble.  The easy thing to do is to keep living like I’m living and realizes the chances of something bad happening to me because of this addiction could or could not happen to me.  I’ve been taking that risk for awhile, and so far so good.  The hard thing to do is to offer that little bit of suffering up to the Lord.  The hard thing to do, though it should be easy considering all the things he’s given me, is to treat my body with more respect.

It isn’t just the soda, though.  How often do I indulge in too much junk food, or just a little junk food everyday?  How many times do I go through some drive through because I have a tiny craving?  These are just many of the bad habits that lead me away from a sanctified body.

I’ve made little strides here and there in the health department, that’s for sure.  I started with making more vegetables and cooking up good cuts of meat.  I’ve done well, for the most part, with exercising as well.  There is always room for improvement, and the purpose for doing all this is simple.  I try to be healthy to show God I value this body he gave me, the one he asked me to treat like a Temple.  I do it to show my children the value showing Him the glory He deserves.

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