Everyone will tell you you can’t obtain a perfect life.  No one is perfect, and there’s no truer statement, but could it be possible to not be perfect, yet live a perfect life.  In a nutshell I say, “Yes! Indeed it can be done.”  My gut feeling is telling me you’re about roll your eyes and think of not reading on further.  My other gut feeling tells me you’re wondering what in tar-nation I could possibly be referring too, because you’re pretty certain no one’s life is perfect.

If you take a look at your life, you’re probably well aware of all the things that wouldn’t be considered desirable, so then obviously it can’t be perfect.  My life is full of all sorts of people, things, and circumstances I wouldn’t choose for myself knowingly, but they’re present for a reason.  “Everything Happens for a Reason.” right?

So here is the question I want you to ask yourself, “Who’s life is it anyway?”  Think on it.  The seemingly obvious answer would be, “It is MY life” but that’s just not true.  If it isn’t my life, then who’s could it be?  The answer there…. God’s.

The key to accessing your perfect life is to realize, your life is in God’s hands.

The key to accessing your perfect life is to realize, your life is in God’s hands.  Once you have a good understanding on that concept (and it will take awhile mind you) then you’ll begin to see how perfect your life is.  It is perfect because God is designing it specifically for you.  Our free will does make a difference in the outcomes, yes, but God’s will is to get you back to Him as soon as possible.

When we, as humans, come to our crossroads and have to choose which path to take, we’ve been known to embark on the “wrong” journey.  Though, it isn’t really wrong, it’s the longer and harder, road.  We can go down nearly any path and still find our way back to God.  Often, the harder the road we travel, the greater the love we hold for our Creator.  Are you still with me?  I hope so, I know I might be getting a few eye rolls still, and that’s okay.  Do you know why?  Because I eye rolled too, and for far too long.

I’ve talked about some of my troubles in earlier posts such as this one. Though I’m incredibly fortunate in many ways, I still had quite a few inner battles and times I thought I’d never get through.  In comparison, probably not as bad as anything you’ve endured, but it isn’t necessary to compare here.  Even if your sufferings seem mild compared to the next person’s, your troubles are still significant to God and what is happening in your life.  Don’t discount what you’re going through.  It is good to know you’re blessed, but not telling it like it is won’t help. (You can read more about that here.)

So there, I’ve done it, I’ve just proved to you my life isn’t perfect, right?  Not quite.  I’ve gone through a lot in my past 30 some years and I don’t see my sufferings vanishing into thin air anytime soon.  When I’ve taken a breath and had a chance to reflect on all the “terrible” things I’ve gone through, I actually gave myself a moment to learn about who I am today.  Every little thing that happened to me molded my character.  I can see now, when there was a time I took the road leading me far away from Jesus.  I went much farther than I would like to share.  I can see now, where it all started, and I face those demons, sometimes daily, to help me find grace.

When I become let down that my husband will be gone, yet again, to help get the kids fed, bathed, and down for bed, I see that God is showing me how strong I am, and there’s grace in that.  When I feel lonely (and sometimes I’m lonely when people are around) and no one cares, I eventually see I’m being called to reach out to someone else, perhaps someone new, there’s grace in that too.  If there comes a day, as there has been in the past, where I feel my life has little to no purpose, or I’m destined for greater things, I”m being called to see the greatness in the mundane, and there’s grace in that as well.  There’s grace everywhere.  Even in the moments that make us want to curl up into a deep depression, He is there, whether you feel Him or not.

His perfect design for your life will lead you to great places, especially through your sufferings.  Though, our Lord does not wish to see us suffer, He knows as a parent knows, sometimes your child has to fall to learn how to ride a bike or climb a tree.  We wouldn’t stop our children from experiencing life just to save them from the hurt.  Yes a skinned knee or a broken arm could be a great hardship, but never experiencing the lesson of perseverance or balance or whatever lesson comes with the pain, would be a disservice to our children.

My life isn’t always easy, but I know it is pretty perfect because this is the life God designed for me.  He knows my struggles before I’ve had a chance to feel them on my own.  Like a father, and there is no father truer than the Lord, He guides us gently and allows us to make mistakes along the way.  His perfect life for you awaits if you have the courage to brush yourself up after you fall, and try a new approach, or whatever is needed to get back to Him.  After all, Father knows Best.



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