My motherhood may look different than yours and that’s okay. We are all doing what we believe is best for our families. Stick to your guns Momma.

I realize when I write about my life and my desires as a woman, a wife, and especially a mother, I am placing great trust in my readers.  It isn’t easy to put yourself out there to strangers and even to people you know.  Here’s the thing though, I write about me and I offer advice that has helped me along my way.  I’m writing about my motherhood and no one else’s (well except my Women of Grace series but I’m not using my own words there).  When I talk about things I think are great, I’m not telling you you aren’t great for doing or thinking like me.

It’s My Motherhood, not Anyone else’s.

My motherhood looks different to some.  I’ve been ridiculed for wanting to home educate my children when they’re obviously going to one of the best schools around.  I fully agree this school is phenomenal and if school away from home was my desire, their school would be number one on my list.  I’ve been questioned on the real reason I want more children.  Apparently I’m trying to overpopulate the world, among many other “issues” of which I believe are actually “non-issues”.  Discussing God is always a hot topic too, especially when you’re Catholic.  In this area, people have been slightly more subtle in their arguments and fun poking, but all the same it’s there.

I don’t care too much though, and it actually took others combating my decisions for me to realize how comfortable I am in my choices as a mother.  I’m confident because I’m making the decisions based off my desire, my prayer, God’s guidance, our family’s end goal, etc.  I’m not worrying about what anyone will think of me.  That is how I know what I’m doing is for our own good, possibly the best choice we could make.

We Only Get to Do Motherhood Once.

I only get to do this Motherhood thing once, and I’m trying my best just like everyone else. My children will only be home with me a short time.  The oldest one is almost growing out of my lap completely so I’m in no rush to hurry up my time spent with them.  I want to always remember the colors and shapes inside their eyeballs so I make sure to really look at my babies (who will always be babies to me).  I’ve learned to yell less, because I’m trying to listen more.  Those voices, their feelings, listening is how i truly get to know my children from the inside out.

Motherhood is Exhausting.

Motherhood is exhausting, but if I am not tired at the end of the day, I know I could have done more.  Like I said, it doesn’t last long, and I don’t want to miss out on offering my all.  I long to teach them how to tidy up a home, how to cook, how to make friends, how to play hard, how to learn lovingly, how to be bored, how to read, how to provide for others, how to make money, how to eat healthy, how to be a parents, how to be spouses, and more.  Throughout the day I am thinking about their character development. I work on developing good habits and it is so hard!  Some days, I wonder if I’m making any change in the world, and others I can see the change right before my eyes.

My motherhood is full of fatigue both physically and mentally, but I love it!  It is like when I used to play volleyball and knew I would do anything to be on that court as often as I could.  At the end of a match I’d have a new bruise probably, or a floor burn, and sweat would be rolling down my face, arms, and legs.  My heavy breathing told me I put in great effort no matter the scores.  It was something I was good at and it made complete sense to me.  I may not be the best at being a mother, but I’m practicing, and putting in the effort, and bettering myself each day.

Make Motherhood Your Own.

The point is I’m doing everything for us, our family, and that’s all anyone can ask of me.  It’s all anyone can ask of you.  Your motherhood may seem different, but golly gee Moses, you better stick to your guns and own it like a boss.


What Does Your Motherhood Look Like?

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