Forming the habit to pray is a long process, and we’ve come a long way as a family.  Currently we are adding in our after meal prayer.  We haven’t been consistent about it, because dinner time is a hard time of night for a couple, or more, of our kids.   We are usually cleaning up dinner, or even putting kids to bed before I remember we had planned on saying this special prayer.

One evening as I was tucking in my daughter for bed, I asked her to say her prayers.  We’ve definitely been consistent about bedtime prayers so I was curious if she could remember them on her own.  To my surprise, my four year old gal said the prayer we recite after meals as clearly as I’ve heard her pray any prayer, or perhaps better.  I was amazed at how well she listened.

Before that night, I had been thinking the after meal prayer just may not be something we need to do at this point, especially since we were forgetting more nights than we could remember.  I’ve learned not to push things that aren’t working, but this was not one of those times.  Since she said her prayers that night, we haven’t forgotten to pray this prayer after dinner.  We are now working on doing it after lunch and breakfast as well.

Loving Father, we thank you for all the gifts you give us.  For life and health, for faith and love, and for this meal we have shared together. Amen.

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